I have a fear of spoons...

by Jessi Ann

You may think I am completely mental but hear me out. for about a year I have had this fear of spoons or koutaliaphobia. The reasoning for this is I have had a spoon stuck to the roof of my mouth about 4 times and it is terrifying. The first time I was eating some iced custard and there was some stuck on the underside of the spoon and I went to lick it off so I stuck the whole spoon in my mouth and it got stuck. That time I had to go to the a&e (Accident and Emergency) and the nurses thought it was hilarious. Well after that I was a bit timid on using the spoons but after a while I got over that. So after 2 more times of this accident occurring I was extremely scared to use any spoon but one day I was eating some iced custard and again spoon stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was awful so since then I have been terrified of using spoons and touching them. Washing the silverware is torturous. I feel very alone with this cause after a long time of scrolling through the phobias on here not one was of spoons. Am I alone? I literally know NO ONE with this fear. Before I had acquired it I never knew someone could be afraid of spoons.

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