I have a fear of long fingernails

I have reason to believe that this fear of long fingernails came from my sister scratching and cutting me with her fingernails. I once had to quit my job because the woman working next to me had long fingernails. I feel really bad when I have to tell people I meet to wear gloves or cut their nails. they always look at me funny and when I tell them I'm scared they laugh and ask me if I'm serious. also just to clarify I'm not scared if those really long ones that curl around I'm scared of nails that go above the actual flesh. so anything from half a centimeter from where the nail meets the flesh to around two and a half centimeters.
this is really selective I know but I have literally screamed in terror when I shook someone's hand who had long nails. I haven't been able to shake hands with anyone since then.

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