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by: Peter the Gnome

The comments about big machinery strike very true with me, particularly if water is involved. Things like conventional steam engines are ok, but show me (a) a large water wheel (b) the paddles of the 'Great Eastern' (c) Anderton canal lift (d) any canal tunnel (e) a freak double-hulled ship like the 'Castalia'... and I go into a strange revulsion/panic state. Why? I really don't know, but in some cases a photograph can be as terrifying as the real thing.
Absolutely the worst thing of all is the waterwheels at Catrine, Ayrshire. This was a famous pair of waterwheels that drove a cotton mill, they were demolished in 1941 but there are some photos and scale drawings . The two wheels were each fifty feet in diameter by eleven feet wide, and stood about eight feet apart. They were enclosed in a stone building and rotated at 3 rpm. Apparently the wheels were open to the public as a tourist attraction, but I couldn't have gone in there to save my life. Do a google search on 'catrine, waterwheels' and be prepared for some spooky photos. Waterwheel phobics, you are not alone.

Fear of water wheels
by: Wheel Phobic

I have been terrified of water wheels since I was very small, when my mother took me into a room at a cider mill where there was a large water wheel that powered the cider mill. It was loud, the room was small, the water was splashing and the wheel seemed huge. She was holding me in her arms and I was paralyzed with fear. I didn't learn until about 45 years later that I displayed no outward signs of fear, and she had no idea how frightened I was until several years after the cider mill episode when we were driving down a country road and encountered another one. It was attached to a remodeled hardware store, and I immediately jumped down to the floor in the back seat of the car, so I could not see it. My mom and my brother were puzzled by my reaction, but my mom did remember taking me to that room at the cider mill. Every since then, I have had a terrible fear of seeing a water wheel in motion, and even sometimes have a hard time looking at pictures of them. I am finally getting help in therapy with this, because, even though it is not something I encounter every day, I believe the incident at the cider mill has led to anxiety and fear in other areas of my life.

by: Anonymous

I have had a fear of old large machinary from when I was a child. My fear is very closely linked to machinary used near water, and it has developed into a fear of dark deep water and quaysides/riverbanks.
I first noticed it when I was at the rear of a victorian water pumping station. I am completely terrified and immobilised by water wheels and mills, and the paddles on an old steemer boats. I am also very scared of large cogs and pistons on steam powered machinary. Sometimes I have dreams where I am trapped in moving machinary and cogs, which you might find inside a big clock, like Big Ben.
I get very scared when near any large boats where you can see their propellers at the rear, I also find the smell of river water can start the fear. I dont think I would cope very well on a canal boating holiday, if I had to encounter long dark cannal tunnels and the waterlocks needed to go up or down hill.
This doesn't cause much of a problem in my life, and I have absolutely no idea where this fear could have come from. I have never met anyone with a similar phobia.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have this totally unjustified fear of huge machinery and epuipment too. Line, cars and stuff are fine. I'm talking abouut those creepy old boilers that fill a room with pipes bigger than me, or trains taller than a house. Stuff like that. All I can think is its from too many scary movies or something as a kid, I can't even watch them now I get way too freaked out. I guess it seems unnatural or something. (I mean... It kinda is...) I don't know anyone else who feels that way, luckily it doesn't come up for me much.

look closer
by: Anonymous

i thinks its called a mountain mover or something like that ive seen this picture before if you can zoom in close enough on the back saw you will actually see a tractor stuck in it that it must of picked up on the way

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