I have a fear of going down stairs

by Olivia
(Tennessee )

I have a fear of going down stairs. I can go up them like a champion,meaning I'm not as anxious. But just the thought of descending a flight of stairs makes me feel nauious ,and my stomach ties up in knots. When I look down stairs I sweat and I feel kind of dizzy. I'm not afraid of heights or anything just stairs. Every time I see stairs, not exaggerating, images of people falling down stairs flash through my head and it really freaks me out. I never have a panic attack or anything at worst i hyperventilate and maybe shed a few tears. The root of my fear comes from the fact that every staircase I have ever been near I have fallen down... minus maybe four. FYI I've been around several. Despite these experiences throughout my childhood more recently my phobia has gotten worse.I had a bad experience almost a year back. It had just came a big snow...and I was chillin' at my aunt's home ,when she asked me to go down to the basement and retrieve something (can't remember). BUT the only way to get to the basement is to take the steep wooden staircase outside to get to the only door. I have always been "intimidated" by stairs, but
I coped by being extra cautious and watching my step. Maybe even saying a little prayer, but everything flew out the window when on this particular occasion my leg decided to fly out from under me on those slick snow/ice covered steps. I raced down the stairs on my ass ,maybe hit my head a couple times. Finally I realized what was happening and I grabbed the railing..because I was still moving I messed up my shoulder pretty bad. After I calmed down I started thinking about all the other times I've had a bad experience on stairs. Now I'm convinced they're death traps. I literally have nightmares. I pray anytime I'm across the room from a staircase.

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