I have a fear of escalators

by Anonymous

I was a 5 year old girl and I loved escalators like any other child I would jump on the thing and love the ride but no not anymore I will tell my story. I was still 5 and at the mall you know the big escalators those are the ones I loved the most we were about to check out but we had to go down the escalator so I was excited but when I was going down my mom stopped me and said "why don't you help me carry some stuff" she let me carry a pillow but being a 5 year old it was bigger than me, then we were ready to go down I was so happy I leapt onto the escalator and i loved going step to step or skipping steps so I decided to do that but carrying the pillow made me not see were I was going and I tripped and fell down I thought I am going to DIE this is it the pillow was steps before me so I had no chance I fell all the way to the end and I was scratched up and bleeding the pillow of course was at the bottom and only saved my head I lived so yay!!!! I am 10 now and still hate escalators I only hate going down but when ever we go to the mall and go down I start crying people stare at me I hate it I found out that the fear of escalators is called escalaphoia I sill hate them I hope people can relate I feel alone:( .

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