I have a deathly fear of falling, and... clowns.

by Samantha

I am 15 years old and I have this deathly fear of falling. Writing this now, thinking about it, makes my stomach do flops and knot up. My palms sweat and my heart actually aches. I get severe anxiety attacks when I think on it too long. I don't like doing things hat involve being in cities, because seeing those huge corporate buildings, seeing that people work on the top floors. I can't even go inside those buildings. I can't stand construction workers in the cities, because they either build those huge buildings, or they go to the top and dangle from their things that hold them up to fix things on the outside of them. It makes me want to throw up. I also hate landing in planes as well. I love flying and taking off, but when the plane is landing, my body stays in one place, but the insides of my stomach lifts and it terrifies me.

I also have an insane fear of clowns, I know it is actually pretty common, but I just can't stand them, they make me cry and nervous, I hate circus' and everything clown like. I can't even talk about this.

Does anyone have my first fear, it is awful and I need someone to relate to.

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