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I have a cat phobia
by: Anonymous

I have a cat phobia and its so bad that I have to give up my job as my work involve visiting people at home. I've been lucky so far as able to ask clients to keep their cats away when visiting but some just can't have it and they question why I'm in this job is I have a phobia of cat.

by: Anne

I have cat phobia, it started when I was a child and sat on a cat in my house, we never had cats, one had followed my father home,so the shock of sitting on this cat that I didn't even know was in the house.I screamed and ran to my bedroom and my father followed with the cat trying to make me like it, I was pushing the door on them,sweating,hart thumping,shaking,he stayed for quite awhile,he had no idea what he was doing.

Now it all starts again when a cat is any were near me,its just ruined my holiday in Cyprus because the hotel had cats all around the place outside so didn't eat in the nice open air restaurant, when laying around the pool I was on the lookout all the time, Ive had enough now I'm going to get help from somewhere any ideas

me too
by: kathy

i also share a cat phobia whenever i book to go anywhere i have to find out if there are any cats there first! If you would like to get in touch my e mail is kathygalley at

by: Anonymous

that is really serios

by: Anonymous

what's the reason why you have that phobia?

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