I have 6 phobias,

I have 6 phobias,
1.Odd numbers
2. Clicking your fingers or cracking bones

My friends think im so wierd as i have the wierdest phobias ever. i have a major phobia of odd numbers since i was little. i think as my dad is too it kind of rubbed off on me. i cant stand the numbers everything has to be and even amount even the tv volume.

if im at a football game or a concert i have to be on an even numbered seat or have an even number ticket or i will feel uncomfortable and not want to be there. I also cannot stand clicking of your fingers, it makes me want to physically be sick and makes me feel really dizzy, and when people crack their bones it makes me feel really uncomfortable and really sick.

The phobia im really confused about is my phobia of iceburgs, its not like hitting into them its the look of them, they just look really abnormal, when i first saw a picture of them from above and below i felt sick.

I have always been afraid of needles and blood and i faint at the sight of them both. Im also afraid of spiders but thats normal for a girl haha :p

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