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i feel yea
by: dude

hey i feel your pain .. i cant go under or over bridges so easily but i can tell you what i do to help me get threw it so it dosent affect my life as much, cause lets face it ... theses bridges every were we go now day right ?
ok i wear a hat all the time .. as soon as i wake up i put it on .... when im driving and i see a bridge i will tilt my head down and squint my eyes a nuff so that i can still see to get over or under the bridge with out seeing the bridge.... yes my heart rate still goes up and I breath faster but it helps get it done and over with quickly. my suggestion is maby start wearing a hat in your every day life like me and if it doesnt work fo you than at least you tried right ? . ok well good luck and i hope it works for you.

by: Anonymous

Hi there i just read your story about your phobia. Therre is nothing to worrry about so dont worry, i have the same thing as i am afraid of needles aswell, because when i have to have an injection it takes me a while for me to have it becaause i am moving my arm away and i fling out of my chair i start getting red in the face and i sweat. My parents had to hold me once for the nurse to give me it.

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