i hate garden gnomes

by Jessicuh

Me (: Summer 2010

Me (: Summer 2010

i hate garden gnomes.
they scare me like clowns do little kids.

My mom thought it was funny,
i was with my mamaw& papaw one dayy an i came
home & momma told me she bout me somethin
& it was in my room. I go in there an lokked down & a garden gnome was layin there lookin straight at me.

i ran across the hall into the bathroom && screamed telliun her to get it outta the house && outta my room!
she was like ohkay an made it sound like she took it out an left. well i open the door to see an she had it right there in my face.

i slammed the door && cried && screamed some more.
she finally took it in the kitchen an i started hollerin at her an she took it out an set it beside the porch/steps.

i wouldnt go out the door or around tht porch till she moved it so i had to use the other door on the complete other side of the house. She finaaly moved it from there an put it in the flower bed beside the drive way.

Then she has 3 mini ones.There dressed as elfs to go along with it. She puts them out at chirstmas an she always tells me that there gunna get me when im sleepin,or gunna kill me or somethin. I HATE it.

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