I hate Bananas

by Sydney
(Dutton, Ontario, Canada)

I hate bananas. When i was a kid i used to love bananas, i ate them everyday, all the time, but then i started gaining a gad reflex and throwing them up. thats were it all begain... after that i just stoped eating them then i started HATEING the smell, i started gaging everytime i smelled them. then my parents got divorsed and all i remember was my father... smushed one in my face and told me to eat it, i washed my mouth out with soap.... unforchanetly that were my greated fear started, i wouldnt touch or go near them or anyone who had ate one, once my mom ate once then touched my tedy bear, you think i ever touched it again? NOPE... my childhood was constintly like that now that im older i can be around them but i have to hold my breath so i dont smell it, other then that im getting better. Thanks for reading my story its pretty embatrising to tell..

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