I fear the sight of an open palm running along a surface

This is only a fear that I have developed in the last 5 years or so. It is gradually getting worse. Basically, if I see somebody running their hand over a surface (could be fabrics, timber, concrete, anything really) I instantly feel sick. I can't look at it, and have to ask that person to stop doing it. It's at a point now, that when I'm trying to explain it to somebody, I can't even run my hand in the air, and I physically cannot get the words out. It also applies to me. For example, when I making my bed, I don't rub the creases out, as that requires me to run my hand over the sheets.

I am fine with any other body part - including my fist or the back of my hand - it only applies to my palm.

At this stage, I can put moisturiser on my body and run my hands through my hair. However I have started to notice that even these small tasks give me a slight shiver.

Although this is fairly tame, and does not affect the way I live my life (crinkly sheets are not the end of the world), I am concerned that it will get to a point where I am constantly asking people to stop their own habits. I snap at people that do it. This irrational fear has been building and building, and I can only hope this doesn't lead to something else.

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