I fear oranges and bananas

by Sophia

I can't be in the same room as a bannana or a orange. I wish my friends would respect that but they just make fun of me and stick it in my face. They also rub it all over me. I can't touch someone who just touched a banana or an orange and some of my friends wash their hands for me. Over the years, I've gotten tired of being afraid. Everyone is always eating a banana or an orange and always touching me but I don't want to cause attention so I deal with it. Most of my friends have forgotten Im afraid of oranges and bananas. I've gotten tired of my friends teasing me of my phobia so I pretend it doesn't bother me anymore. My parents always ask me if I want a banana or an orange and it bothers me. Once my friend was eating a bruised banana or a very gross orange, I don't remember I think she had both but I'm not sure and I almost barfed. It just disgusts me so much. My mom told me my first real food was a banana but I didn't like it and that my dog licked it. So maybe that's why I'm afraid. Who knows. Hopefully my fear of oranges and bananas phobia will go away.

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