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me too
by: Anonymous

I am the same way I literally vomited over an episode of dirty jobs where they dealt with barnacles, I'm the same about rice too, and pimples or rashes if someone has it I can not be near them.

i fear clusters too!
by: Anonymous

Large groups of any thing even animals gives me the creeps! Is there a name for this phobia?

I feel your fear!
by: Charlene

I am the same. Barnacles are the worst, but anything similar, clustered together, particularly if it's something hard/crusty/rough. I've had this fear from a young age and can remember touching a rock, feeling the barnacles, looking at them and almost vomiting. Just thinking of barnacles as I write fills me with dread!! Im very private about it and thought I was an oddball!

by: kittie

trust me your not alone. im terribly afraid of the same thing too. i cant even cook rice without freaking out or see tiny little things together

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