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I just like being alone
by: Anonymous

No offense but can TOTALLY relate to other comments here. Some people I have known have been terribley rude and sometimes even spooky/freaky. Some have been nice and easy to get along with too. But I have to ask myself if its really worth it going out there knowing that half the people I'm going to meet will be freaks? It seems to have happened to me more recently than before. I will befriend someone or get involved only to find out they're not nice and even weird. For awhile I thought maybe it is where I'm living and considered a move. Now I'm just resigned to stay home where its safe.

it doesn't get any better than home alone
by: Anonymous

Same here.
No fear, no anxiety, no stress. So I don't see it as agoraphobia nor depression.
I work fulltime,with people, since 1976. Same job.
Outside work, I visit my 83 year old mom, once a week, check on her daily a few times by phone.
Other than that: I stay in my apartment.
I drain my 5 weeks of vacation time yearly;to stay home.
I don't feel I'm missing anything "out there", and I feel blessed to feel this way. I love to read in silence on my couch. I watch tv maybe 2 days a week, if that much. Sometimes I won't turn my tv on for a month. I don't like background noise, no tv, no radio.
I enjoy summer for the pleasure of a big fan going next to my couch and iced tea.
If I do say yes to going out, from a coworker, relative, or friend(I keep in touch w/phonecalls) nagging me into it: I regret saying yes from the second I say yes. I hate that the event always contains the person trying to get me to commit to going to further events. I never,ever, want to go to the first one! Can't wait to get home when I do get nagged out. I leave when I go out:telling myself what time ill be back. When I get back, I am pleased to think "that was normal of me", and "something to tell others I went out & did". I never married. Never had kids. Live alone. People cars, outside? Is just hassle and noise. If given the opportunity; I avoid all of it. But I'm not fearful,nervous,stressed nor depressed. Alone on my couch with a book, a fan, a glass of iced tea:it does Not get any better. Why leave unless mandatory;is my point.

I could stay in my house indefinitely.
by: Alone by Choice

I am a widow, then divorced. I am a teacher of first graders. I dred going to work, but once I get there, I'm fine. I can't wait to get home, though. I have two dogs that I can't wait to see. On the weekends, I can stay in my house all day and night, never speaking to or seeing anyone. I get secretly angry if friends ask me to go places. If I feel I can't get out of it, I have anxiety about going. When I go, I always enjoy myself but can't wait to get home. I love my daughter dearly, she is my world, yet when she texts me that she is coming home to spend the night, I have anxiety like someone is invading my space. Yet, I enjoy her so much when she comes. I have anxiety if someone wants to come in, even to repair something. Sometimes I can get lonely and depressed, though. I am a loner. I can always find things to do in my house. I also have anxiety about talking on the phone. I get panic feelings if someone goes into a long conversation.

by: Anonymous

I hate leaving my house. I will go to my children home other than that home bound. I love being in my safely zone (HOME)

by: Anonymous

I will echo much of what has been said here. I know I don't have agoraphobia because I'm not afraid to leave the house-- I even enjoy it sometimes when I do HAVE to leave. I just rarely ever WANT to leave. I do have depression/anxiety cycles but it's mostly under control thanks to good meds. I am able to work at home about 90% of the time. I go to class 3 days a week and come home right away afterwards. If I go out to eat or something with my spouses' friends I make sure it's in my neighborhood so that I can get home quickly etc. etc. etc. I have a neighbor whose home I've become comfortable going to for extended hang-outs (he aslo hates going out so it works) but that's about as far as I can go for any amount of time.

The main thing that concerns me is that I never want to leave. I get dressed for work as if I were going to the office on many days... I go through all the motions of going out which makes me feel better, I just rarely ever make it out. My therapists says I'm obsessed with comfort and I am. My home is extremely comfortable. But who cares about material junk? I don't have any friends and I'm horribly lonely.

The only exception is travel-- I can go anywhere for any amount of time and forget all about home. The problem is just in my own city.

Overwelmed and stay home to gain some peace
by: Joyce

I'm 56 and an empty nester. I have an okay far as income and 'status'...but I'm so overwhelmed with everything at work, I stay home in the evening and weekends. But that isn't the whole story either; I stay home and do nothing but watch TV and go online. I need to clean, but it will just get dirty again.

I often wake up in the morning with dread; today it will all fall apart. I'll mess something up at work so badly that I'll get fired. I supervise people, and I'm a crummy supervisor because I can't even get my own stuff together.

If I try to get a hobby or join an activity, I'll just quit anyway, so why start? I wonder what the point is anyway; is life just about staying busy until you die? Getting the most toys? I know people suggest getting outside yourself, doing volunteer work, but that feels insincere, because it would be more for me than for service. I know people who rack up all sorts of volunteer work, and it seems to be just for the kudos they get. That wouldn't be any motivation for me.

I don't know. I used to be on meds for depression, but they'd always stop working, so I've quit trying to get help. It doesn't work, and I hate to disappoint the therapists.

Self help books don't help, at least they don't help me.

leaving the house
by: Anonymous97103

i also hate to leave the house. i don't like using the public restrooms cause i have a shy bladder. i hate shopping and i don't like to work in the yard but i hate apartment living.

Hate to leave but can stay out
by: Anonymous

I hate to leave the house. I'll go out when I finally need food. I hate going to social events too and panic about everything being perfect. Once I get out I'm fine and can stay out shopping or whatever for a while. I hate this and it doesn't help socializing with hubby when I'm freaking out at home.

Leaving the Comfort of My Own Home
by: Anonymous

After having traveled the world, attending social events every where; new bars, old bars, concerts, parties, I come to realize I relish the comfort of my own home.

Since I relish the comfort of my own home, I have found it difficult to leave my home.

Friends and family become upset with me because I am not the ultimate socialite that I used to be, but I know inside me, that I have changed and no longer have the desire for more outside experiences.

It's like I've seen that, experienced that and done that and now I am just being me.

Whether that is an illness or not I don't care. I like being able to just be me.

after i had my second daughter...
by: Anonymous

I just never wanted to leave my house. I became a stay home mom after my second child, paying for baby sitting for two kids is just not worth it. But now that i'm home i'm so happy. My daughters and i play, make crafts, dance, make music, work in our garden, cuddle up on the couch and watch movies... the few times i have gonne out in the last 2 years have been disasters! So now i avoid going out at all costs. i'm not depressed, in fact i'm very happy... i just know that i'm disappointing my friends and family who want me to come to their homes, party's, ect. I just don't like going out anymore. I'm glad to see that there are others like me.

Sick of it!
by: Anonymous

Me to! it's a strange sort of comfort to know that so many others feel like me. I don't have panic attacks or anything when I do go out, but, I just never want to leave my apartment! I just go to work, and can't wait to get home afterwards. It's such a chore to get ready to go out in public, that most days when I'm not at work, I don't even get dressed. I experience anxiety on nice days, when I know there's so much that can be done outdoors, yet I don't get dressed and get outside! I can make myself go, but I whine all the way out the door--but I also whine about sitting on the couch all day....if only I could get something done-anything!

t dont like to leave my house
by: Anonymous

What's is the solution

Fucking UW
by: Anonymous

I used to work for the United Way. Everything about it was so cruelly and viciously horrible, the way they treated me. The people I worked with were just plain mean and had really distasteful senses of humor, the bosses were emotionally dead and uncompassionate. This was supposed to be the United Way, for god's sake!
Ever since then, after they fired me, for some made up reason. I never want to leave the house.

Why Bother....
by: Anonymous

I used to be the life of the party. An ex cheerleader, prom queen...etc. Married and divorced and married again now I stay home because I have given up on myself. I've let myself go. Gained over 100 pounds in weight. I hate going anywhere because I have to take a bath, put on makeup and do my LONG hair. I want to cut it off, but being fat I'm afraid it will make me look like a cow. Women my age all cut off their hair...I'm fighting stero types all I can. I pin it up always. It takes so much energy to get ready, by the time I'm done Im hurting and tired. I have DDD, CFS, Crohns and God knows what else wrong with me. I have Neruopic Pain down my legs and feet that is excruciating just to walk. I take so many pain pills I shouldn't be driving anyway. I'm not high, heck the pills don't even really help the pain. My life seems like a dark hole with little hope of a brighter future. I purchase a juicer recently, thinking if I juiced I would feel better. I did that today. What a hassle. Took me an hour to clean up after a 8 oz glass of juice!! I don't feel old, but my body is worn freaking out. How do you lose weight when you don't move because it hurts?? Thank God I'm halfway pretty....and I have a loving husband. We haven't had sex in over a year because I have no desire. God Bless him....and God Bless me and I pray there will something that comes into my life to help me out into the light again. Maybe a guardian angel will find me and help me.....I hope one is out there. Thanks for listening....great website for us that need to vent.

house mouse
by: Anonymous

i stay home as much as possiable. i only leave the house when i have to drive the kids somewhere or go to the store. i watch tv and lay on the couch all day. i have no desire to go out for a walk or to a show or shopping. i like to stay home.

No phobia, No Meds,
by: Anonymous

I've been having the same problem. I'm 19 years old and I don't leave my house. My family wants me to go out and so does my friends. I had a bf and I hated going to his house to see him. I broke up with him ONLINE. I just don't have any motivation to leave the house. I like laughing and I go to movies and shows online to laugh. I used to go and enjoy time by myself. But now I camp out in my place I even use google earth to see the area around me. I order delivery. Its pathetic. I'm 19 and i'm a couch potato. I used to be able to enjoy reading outside and now I don't have motivation to do that nor read. I gained weight and I my blog sites empty because I have nothing going on in my no life. I do not want to take meds I just want to get my life together. I also am very sleepy and I don't like sleeping. Everyday is the same just different movies or episodes. Whats wrong with me. I'm not afraid of the outside world.

me too
by: Anonymous

I hate to leave my apartment... I'm not afraid of people or large groups or anything. When I do go out I often go to concerts, bars, etc. But leaving in the morning for work can be a chore, and I often find myself coming straight home after work only to shut myself away. I force myself to take my two dogs on their daily walks and often find myself coming home for my lunch break. I often only go to the grocery store when I need to buy more dog food. I spend hours trying to get to sleep at night and simply just can not stop thinking. anxiety is a horribly addictive thing.

me too
by: Anonymous

i can't leave my house either, i get really sick at the thought and i get so bad i end up on the loo all morning!!!

Not sure if i shud go to doctors or not!!??

I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

I've always been an extremely solcial person. However, for the past few years I've started avoiding solcial interaction completely.

When I was about 18-19 I would stay out for days at a time but now I barely stay out for more than a few hours on the rare occasions that I do go out.

I hate when the phone rings because it's likely one of my friends wanting me to come do something with them.

During the summer time is the worst because I love blue skies and warm weather. I really want to go outside and being inside imagining what I could be doing gives me terrible anxiety.

but I make up excuses to stay at home inside or just distract my self until the sun begins to go down and I can tell my self "it will be dark soon anyways".

I wish I knew why I was like this. I am only 22, much too young for the kind of life style I am living.

by: Anonymous

Hi! Have you ever considered that you may have Agoraphobia

Same here
by: Anonymous

It's the only place I feel at ease in. Everywhere else I'm on the verge of a panic attack. I just like to relax and even do odd chores rather than sit in a bar with friends. They keep trying to get me out but I just don't see the point in getting spiffed up to hit the clubs when I already know how it will turn out. I'll talk myself up on the way down town telling myself I'll be cool since I'm with friends, but when I get there it's a whole different story. The exact moment I arrive I want to leave. A lot of it is a social anxiety thing if I have to answer honestly, but it also has to do with general sensory overload in the city. Too much noise from the people and even general background environment. I just want peace and quiet. I can find it at home...

ya i can relate
by: Anonymous

im actually having a problem with that, i cant see myself going to college on a regular basis with this problem. i cant think of any home based jobs that i could do... its really bad because i can go for weeks without leaving my house. ive lost a lot of my friends but they force me out sometimes haha

I am uncomfortable leaving my house, too
by: Anonymous

I have this weird thing where I will avoid leaving the house. I'm not AFRAID to leave, I'm not paranoid or uncomfortable once I'm out & about, but I eagerly head back home as soon as possible.
I will avoid parties and get togethers to avoid leaving. My friends are getting irritated at me for not wanting to go out and do stuff together.
It could be that all my "needs" are here in my home. I have a home-based business, two adoring dogs, my computer with all the Chat programs and my work is also on there. My husband is still in school, so we're together most of the time. I dont' really NEED to go anywhere, so I choose not to.
Also, I HATE talking on the phone. I'm a very social person, but I hate answering the phone. I get off of it as soon as possible.
Not sure whats wrong with me.

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