I dont like stuffed animals,blankets,or anything like that

by grace

well,it has been this way for my whole life.i dont like stuffed animals,blankets,or anything like that. i dont mind the way that it feels that much,it does feel gross though.but when i see it i just shrivel up like trash in a fire.i really dont like cotton stuffing.the words bug me too. like, fluffy,fuzzy,plush,plump,fat.it feels like the f part lasts a year they all are just absolutely positively gross.thinking about it makes me itch and for some reason to relieve the phobia a little i lick my fingers and i rub the sides of my nose really fast. i dont know what this phobia is called but i just dont like it.i dont really want help because the everything about it just makes me mad.the way it feels,smells,LOOKS.the way it looks is the worst.the way it feels is slimy and soft and gross.visualizing it in my head is gross.i have always preferred sharp hard or something of those lines.

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