I do suffer from macrophobia, I cannot handle long waits

by Raúl
(Puerto Rico,U.S.A. )

O.K.My name is Raúl,from Puertro Rico. I do suffer from macrophobia, I have very serious problems with long waits,forced or not.

When there are long waits,instead of staying still and put as some people do,I always tend to pull away and never go to the lines nor the waiting rooms
and try another day.

If the other day is the same situation,I do not go to the lines nor waiting rooms until there is a situation that I do not have to wait for long.And the great thing,some people steal the turns of other people and the situation gets worse.As Puerto Ricans say in Spanish "colar".And I tend always tend to protest and desperate a lot because of the long waits.

Even if some people encourage me to wait,telling me I have to and must wait because is a way of life and is normal in this world,the rapidity kills,or whatever,I simply do not like long and extreme waits and I gasp,alter,get desperately mean,I cannot even breathe,black out,tachycardia,fidget,weep,sniffle and sob too often in this paricular situation.

And the great thing,during long and extreme waits,
I wanted to be attended quickly in any shape or form,even if they refuse to attend me,
and I did not wanted to be attended in a extreme slow pace.

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