I cant stant strawberry/pink sweets or gum

by Amaan

for some reason as long as i have rememebered i cant stant pink/strawberry sweets, god knows why.
i am 15 years old now and still have the same feeling towards it, im not sure whether its a phobia or a general passionate hatred towards it, everytime someone offers me a sweet of this type i imply i dont want it but they ask questions which when i reply i hate pink/strawberry sweets they just look at me funny, its very awkward because at family functions etc with the room packed with relatives etc a young relative comes upto me and asks me to open a sweet for them and its nearly 9/10 times bound to be strawberry flavoured or pink, i tell them no i cant open it which makes them upset and makes people give me the odd look. i dont know what it is but i just hate them when someone around me is eating them or if i can sniff them then i just naturally shiver for like 2seconds and i just feel disguisted... why do i feel like this?

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