I can't stand anywhere I can take a pulse.

by Rose

Hello there. Nice to meet you.

I have Carpophobia; a fear of my wrists. I also pretty much have major Veinophobia considering I can't stand my neck either.

It's horrible for me to take a pulse, and I can't raise my head out of extreme fear. I'm afraid of my wrists and neck/throat being touched, and the idea of something sharp, pointy, or ticklish even is enough to make me want to run away from wherever I am. Strangely enough, I do not mind the side of my neck being touched. But anywhere else I will freak out tremendously.

As for my wrists, this is where all the problems take place. My two worst ways to die:

*Getting your throat slit *is slowly terrified*

*Slashing one's wrists-- OH GOSH. Even writing it is scaring me--

My veins are very prominent which does nothing to help my situation; they stand out dark blue like a light does against pitch black.

I'm scared of what this phobia could do to me. I sometimes scream just by looking at my wrists.

Is that too strange?

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