I can't go to sleep without plugs in my ears

by The girl that hates snoring

Ok so when I was about 10 years old it all started. For like a month after my 10 th birthday I could sleep with my sister snoring and breathing and all that. About a couple months after, I noticed that I got pretty annoyed of my sisters snoring and breathing.The next couple nights, I just had to wear plugs so I wouldn't hear my sister snoring and breathing. After the plugs seemed uncomfortable, I took them off. As soon as I took the plugs out, I hit rage mode. I climbed down the ladder(we had a bunk bed) and I woke my sister up and told her to shut the f*** up. I was mad enough that I threw a pillow at her just so she could shut up. Since then, everynight I had to wear the stupid uncomfortabe plugs. I found out that my phobia is Mesoponia, rage caused by hearing simple noises, such as breathing or chewing

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