I am terrified of sharks, but am obsessed with them

by Natalia
(Ocean view delaware)

So basically I have selachophobia... A fear of sharks. I am deathly afraid of them, never even seen one but I have seen every movie involving one. I Think it started when I was about four or five and we went to universal studios.. I was super excited and i saw a brochure with one boat ride where a mechanical shark Started biting then side of the boat right. Your feet! I forced my parents to take me there, and the ride was way different than the brochure. We started off on a rickety boat driving through polluted pond/lake there was a barn at the end with an open front and backhand the floor was gone it was basically a bridge shaped like a barn that we could drive through. Through the polluted mess a shark was spotted and as we started to leave it followed. On the other side of the barn there was a pristine lake , the shark followed us and began jumping up. This freaked me out.. The closer it got the more scared I was. When I got home from this trip I was paranoid, And when I took baths I had a tiny plastic grabber stick thingy that was shaped like a shark head it was supposed to protect me from the sharks in the water which didn't work. So i started taking showers , but the shower soon resembled a shark cage, and my life was never the same. I was so scared I couldn't even touch a picture of it, but I always researched them hoping for a career in that field , never have I ever had a dream about them . Recently I was looking up shark pics online,and I was so paranoid that I couldn't put my feet down and I had a nervous breakdown after I ran away. The school janitor found me in a corner and told me to get out of the teachers lounge( my hiding spot after school). I then had to get my friend to exit out of the screen just cuz I couldn't get close enough. I break down every time I see a picture but I am addicted to researching them..... I don't know what to do!

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