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by: Anonymous

Every tme I find one in my bathroom (they seem to like it in there) I can't sleep,even when mu husband kills it.If by chance I do fall asleep I dream of it and wake up screaming.Last night I dreamed that there was one on the table; grew eyeballs, stared at me and then flew on me.

I swear those things can think,because instead of running away ,they go for the attack.I don't have a fear of any other insect,except this one.

They're evil.

Just found a flying roach in my loft!!!
by: Anonymous

I found a very large flying roach in my loft in Kansas City. I thought that they were in southern states, but not here? I was wondering if they reproduce like smaller cockroaches, because I found two very big flying roaches this week. I have had a phobia of roaches since I was small and now I have seen two of the largest roaches I have ever seen in the span of one week!

by: Alex

I am the exact same way. I fear of waterbugs and there are some big ones in PR. I think what triggered my fear of them was when I was little, one of those things flew out of a cupboard when I had opened it, flew and landed directly on my right eye. I screamed like hell. Now everytime I see one I can not sleep unless I know it's dead. And just let me say that I screamed so loud when I saw the picture you posted, that I actually scared my sister sitting next to me from screaming. I ran from my computer lol. OMG! Hate those things.

I'm terrified tooooo
by: Anonymous

OMG you sound just like me.. I scream, jump, kick and pray it will just DIE.... Ahhh I hate them so much and lately I've had a few in my apartment.. I wish I could get over this and just kill it but im soooo scared of them. Why? I'm 27 and acting like a baby about it but I think I have a phobia with roaches. When I see them, I scream, jump, run and then find myself a little overwelmed and I have to calm myself down.

Good Luck
Texas Girl

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