I am terrified of fish (Ichthyophobia)

by Amber

I am terrified of fish they scare me. I am not even able to walk near a fish tank at a store and I definatly cannot feed fish..get any where near them..when I went boating with my Bf we also were put on rafts on the back of the boats and i was terrified I just had images of fish attacking or swallowing my raft and jumping on the raft biting my toes.

I have had dreams of eels laying next to me in bed and they were all over my floor..i woke up sweating and in tears for the next couple weeks I was extremely scared to step on my floor at night when i could not see it and I cannot swim in deep waters even at a swimming pool..because i have a fear of fish being in there or coming out of the drains.

I went swimming this summer at our schools public pool and I dived into the deep end and I freaked I like panicked under water and swam so fast everyone thought i was physco..could anyone please help please please ..ive tryed everything from having a pet fish ...i mean Iam terrified i am even scared of dead ones..i worked as a cashier at a grocery store and people can buy whole dead fish and I couldnt look at it or touch it I had to pick it up by the plastic on the end like i was pinching it i freaked man you dont even no


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