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by: Monica

I have the exact same problem!! I was freaking out just reading all of the comments. Whenever I think of them I picture them swimmming all around me and touching me with their slimy skin, sucking on me, or biting my feet. If I see a fish my ears do this weird ringing thing and my heart starts racing and I have to get away from it as fast as possible. It just gives me the most uncomfortable feeling like I'm about to have an anxiety attack. My parents just got me a fish for my birthday yesterday because they want to help me but it's still sitting on my kitchen table...

me too
by: seg

i really thought i was alone on this but i can see that im not. im actually releived because everyone thought it was just a phase but i am terrified of fish. everthing about them. the look the feel the smell the taste and the worst type are the dead ones. im getting chills just writing this. im looking for help because even though this is an itence phobia i still know that its silly and needs to be taken care of properly and this will not happen by just "facing" my fear that will just make it worse.

whatta coincidence!
by: Amber i have almost the same fear as you. I am terrified of fish also but i am more afraid of sharks. Everything from the way they move and there skin it makes me want to cry and scream. I also cant go in pet stores because i'll start crying (just because i know that there are fish in there), so your not alone :)

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