i am stressed and feared

by Anand

i was in a very good state and suddenly many things went wrong ......and i never used to think much about anything and was very positive about everything in life and even used to councel other people but all of a sudden everything went wrong i lost my job, i my aunty expired to whom i was very fond of and suddenly i started of what wrong i did but did'nt find anything....but started associating some wierd things with what wrong had happened to me.....eg: if i have a drink on tuesday, if i do something, i have to do it for 4 times..if it is five then something wrong is going to happen, or if it is an odd number of times i do anything..then i have to do i for even number of times...so i repeat that task for some even number of times.say 8 times or 4 times.i see lucky or unlucky numbers on notes before spending or if i lose some lucky thing then i know that something wrong is going to happen to me....

i need certain objects (or even people) to be in 'correct' positions or places before i sleep, say if i dont keep my mobile, glass,bag, money id card,headphones and each and every thing in its proper place i fell very much feared....
please help me..

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