I am scared of being touched

by Alex
(Illinois, United States of America)

I recently learned that I am scared of being touched or Aphenphosmphobia. One day my friends and I were working and my friend thought it would be funny to scare me. Yet instead of going with yelling BOO behind me; she decided to wrap her arm around my throat and pretend to choak me. I screamed which made her let go then broke down. This scared the crap out of me. I couldn't breathe, a teacher walked in and wanted to call a doctor because I wasn't breathing.
Approximately a year later we still joke around about this.

Recently, I was on a religious retreat and a guy I know named JT, who is A LOT taller than I am, kept bumping into me accidentely because he is so much taller than I am he coundn't see me. So he decided to make it into a game and running into me purposefully. He'd apologize everytime of course, but we both found it funny. Then he made it more annoying by grabbing me everytime he ran into me. It was creepy, but funny.

There is a weird kid at school, who thinks I am like his best friend because I am one of the only people who talk to him. He is weird because he is one of the whitest people you will ever see and tries to act black. On top of it he has a head shaped like an egg. O -- shape of his head!! So his locker is 2 down from mine and he likes to grab my hips everytime he came up from lunch. I freaked out and slammed my back against my locker everytime. One time he even put his arms over me against my locker. It was weird and EXTERMELY creepy.

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