I am prejudiced against dating

by Rosalind
(San Francisco)

Normally I'm friendly, and enjoy meeting people. But when it comes to dating, I'm completely the opposite. I cannot stand dating. I don't even like it when men ask me for my phone number. I love romance, but I am not willing to subject myself to humiliating experiences like dating just to find it. I have a big prejudice against the dating scene, and completely detest it. I feel it's full of shallow, corny people that only want to play games. I won't participate in it because I refuse to meet those people. I had tried online dating, and was turned off because many of the men I met through really were superficial, phony types. I certainly don't hate all men; I just hate shallow people; male AND female. There are men who hate the dating scene as much as I do; and I don't blame them. They reported meeting women that were gold diggers. I am trying to have a better attitude, but it's very difficult. I also cannot think about dating without feeling dread.

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