I am paranoid with nudity on tv shows

Okay, this is an odd anxiety I have. I don't know what the root of the issue is but here goes. I am so paranoid with nudity on tv shows that it's hard to watch certain shows with my spouse. I don't know how I can get over this?! Like I am always paranoid he is going to "like" what he sees on tv. And when we go anywhere I am paranoid he is checking someone else's cleavage or butt. He's never cheated on me but an ex bf of mine lied to me about porn so I think that's what has me paranoid. I always feel like I'm going to find something bc I did with this other guy. I just seem to think there's no way a man can be satisfied with one woman or that he won't find another one "sexy" or whatever. How do I deal? My husband tells me how beautiful I am and I workout every day and I am fit so I don't need anyone tp presume I am some overweight ugly woman, quite the opposite but it doesn't help my jealousy/paranoia....help?!??

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