I am horrified of butterflies

by Laura
(Ontario, Canada)

Here is an embarrasing one. I am horrified of butterflies. Specifically that I do not want them to touch me. Most people laugh to hear this particular fear and are astonished to discover that I am not kidding either.

Fortuneatly an image of a butterfly on a t-shirt or the like does not send me screaming and shaking but the situation is completely different for the real thing.

I have not feared them all my life. It began durring the end of school trip in my eigth grade. The entire graduating class went to Niagra Falls and one of our many stops was at a butterfly museum. The class was sent into a big room that looked like a jungle and it was full of different types of butterflies. Not the most pleasant experiance of my life by far.

I actually did not freak out while we were at the museum. Just every encounter since. Well, here is hoping that you feel better about your ow fears knowing that they likely don't sound quite as ridiculous as mine!

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