I am extremely afraid of being ignored or rejected(acute athazagoraphobia)

by Raúl
(Madre Perla Dorado, Puerto Rico)

My problems with people that reject or ignore me,whatever the reason,began when a girl acussed me of rejecting her and I was trying to ask her for forgiveness,and was a fat chance.

And the great thing,when I go to the parties,girls of my age dance with other guys except with me,some of them right(boyfriend or husband),others wrong.

But in the wrong situation,it makes me fell extremely strange,my blood pressure rises a little bit,or worse,a little of tachycardia,or worse,I wanted to go home,and I lose trust,I get extremely spooked,I pant,sob,some tantrums,or worse,I get bored of dancing.

As consecuence of these situations,I get extremely shy and mistrustful with girls and extremely afraid of being rejected by them,right(boyfriend or husband) or wrong.Therefore,I do not like to go to parties too much because I am afraid of being rejected.

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