I am deeply Afraid of Sharks

by sally

i am 12 years old and for as long as i can remember i i am deeply afraid of sharks. i have nightmares every night. it is so bad that i can hardly go into a swimming pool let alone the sea.

just seeing a picture of them makes me sick and dizzy. this is greatly effecting my school life as if when we did a prodject on sharks i couldnt bear to be in the same room meaning when we did a test i had no idea what to wright.

it is a silly phobia i know but we cant afford to spend any money on it and so far it is just getting worse. i cant even thing about them without getting a horrid dreadful feeling in my tummy. the worse part is the nightmare i have told you about is the same one every night.

i am swimmimg in the sea with my mum. one of us cuts our ankle and suddenly there it is swimming towards us. no matter what we do we cant get on to the boat. i am no longer sure what to do about this phobia as it seems to be taking over my life already.

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