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Shark phobia
by: Nadine

Hi my name is Nadine and I'm 18, i dont know why but i am terrified of sharks, I know exactly how you feel. i can not look at pictures, or even watch t.v if a shark is featured on it, if I stare too long at a picture of a shark, i tend to shut my eyes and literly run away, shaking. I dont know why I fear them, but all Ican say is that they are beautiful animals who are misunderstood. My fear has lead me to respect these fish. They are wonderful and scary at the same time. I am learning to control my fear. But I am doing so, very slowly. Try researching them, I promise you will have a better understanding of these wonderful creature. Your dream could also be linked to a passed life of an event that has been very tramatising. I really hope like me, you will try and conquer your fear. They are misunderstood, which leads us to fear them because they look and seem scary. I hope I shed some light on your fear. Try and find out more, and your fear will decrease.

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