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balloons are horrible
by: Anonymous

I too hate balloons when i was younger seeing them would send me screaming and people thought it was funny to chase me and as a chubby kid it was amazing the things i could do instantly to get away from them and it wasnt even the popping fact just seeing them made my stomach turn the smell of them everything they are useless and they should stop making them i did however somewhat get over it i was amazed but still seem to have awful expierence with them and i just dont care for them and they still creep me out and give me nightmares i wish anyone with this terrible rare fear can find a way to cope with it cause it is horrible especially when children are playing with them kids seem to love them and i wont ever have kids just to avoid them coming home from school with them.

by: Anonymous

i use to be the same way not as bad now when iwas a kid dad and sis get balloons pop them in front of me to scare me that made me worse and now i got a balloon fetish poping balloons not a big fan of it

Youre not alone
by: Vicki

I'm 47 and I've been afraid since I was six. Kids would try to scare me with them through out my school years,and yes it was very painful. Ido know how that 14 yrd. girl feels I also watched the Maury show on line and he should be ashamed of himself for tormenting that women the way that he did. I know it was for ratings,but I'll never understand how someone could be so heartless.and not care about that women.

You are not alone...
by: Anonymous

I totally understand what you are going through. I am 26 and I am still freaked out by balloons. I am also embarassed by it, it seems so irrational at times, but none-the-less, they still freak me out.

I usually group them with clowns when people ask me why I am uneasy around them, even though I have no real fear of clowns.

I try to aviod them at all costs, but when I do have to be around them I am always on edge. I have gone though phases of being slightly more comfortable with being around them and phases where I don't want to be in the same room at all as them.

I have not found anything o "cure" this phobia, but as I have gotten older, I have found less and less situations where I need to be around them. I am usually ok unless people are playing with them, or they are in the way of normal movement, and could pop.

I wish you the best of luck, and know you are not the only one!

I hate latex balloons!
by: Janell

No one should be ashamed of their fears! I am with you on the balloon thing.
I like the mylar ones, but hate the latex.
I take cover when I see them.
I am 36 and pray that they stop making them!

Hi Brianna
by: Pooja

Dont worry,i am with you on this one. I am 24 years old & can understand what exactly you feel. In fact you can say my fear is worse than yours.

Balloon Phobia
by: Anonymous

I am 23 years old and up until recently I have had an extreme phobia of balloons. I too was called the "weird balloon girl" all throughout highschool. I usally didnt tell people about it but once one person would find out so would others, and other people can be cruel!
I have been pushing myself for the last few years to really try and over come this, What has worked the most for me is baby steps... slowly introducing myself to balloons, at my own pace.
I also have been doing alot of research on phobias and once i read about phobias and how they can be connected to past lives something clicked, I find it easier to cope. I still instintly get the panic feeling when i see balloons but now i am able to talk myself down from having a full blown panic attack.

Used to be afraid of balloons
by: Anonymous

I used to be afraid of balloons and other sudden loud sounds but over time I started listening to them at a distance and moved closer untill I was used to it. I think with some work anyone can get past this. Breathing and staying grounded helps and also you have to not care what other people think about you having this. Lots of books out there to help stuff like this.

also afraid
by: Anonymous

I can't stand balloons either, but I want to overcome the fear incase I have kids, then they won't be missing out on anything.
I'm not as fearful, for I don't mind being in a room with balloons (like on my birthday, my parents inflate balloons...they don't know I don't like them though).

It's a fear of loud noises, in most cases. If you start getting used to loud noises, then you'll get used to balloons (it's just the sudden burst of noise that freaks out people.)

not alone
by: Anonymous

i am afraid of balloons started when i was shoved in a room of filled-to-bursting balloons, every time my arm touched one, it popped, now i am perpetually afraid of 17 and my child will never have a balloon

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