I am afraid of Sharks, Wrists, and large pictures of animals/space.

by sydney

I have had these problems for as long as I can remember.
I'll start with sharks. My phobia is odd, for I am not scared of all of them. Most of them, but not all of them. It's the big ones. Specifically, Great Whites. I have dreams about them every night. I have since I was a little girl. In these dreams, they never are eating or attacking me, as most people's are, but they are just still pictures. Or, more commonly I will see through the point of view of myself underwater in the ocean. In these dreams I don't actually see it, but what I do see is a dark figure in the shape of one coming towards me, although sometimes it remains still, not advancing towards me. They're eyes and mouths scare me the most. I think I may also have a fear of floating in open and deep waters.

I also have a fear of wrists. I sleep with my wrists curled in, much like someone who has some form of a learning disability( not to offend anyone). I do this during the day as well, turn them in and out. I also wrap my hands around them when someone talks about veins or something being cut.

I'm also afraid of large pictures of animals. Any animal applies. I feel as though something will jump out at me or something.

I'm scared of anything that lives in the depths of the oceans, floating and not being able to stand in the ocean, and things moving beneath or around me without me knowing.

Or being in murky water, where I can't see. I'm also afraid of pictures of outer space.

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