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don't call them retarded please
by: Marissa

Hi. I'm 11 about to be 12 and i have a TERRIBLE fear of spiders, needles, and parasites!!!! But manely spiders...but you know what's weird? I LOVE snakes!!!! And something else weird is that my dad is BONKERS for spiders and exotic and unnatural pets!!!! Just the idea of spiders little fangs sinking into your precious flesh-AHHH!! I'm scareing myself!!! Well you get the poit...and their little eight legs...I have to stop!!!!!! OKAY my fear of needles and sharp knives is less scary 4 me... i recently had a blood test and i didn't even scream or tear up!!!! I'M SOOOO PROUD!!!! And the parasite thing- it all started on a little family outting for snake hunting...that side of the family LOVES snakes just like me...And this little concret cliff thing with a little water on it now i LOVE water and swimming and marine life so naturaly i followed my sibblings and slid down the little concret thing...when i was done though, there was something on my leg- my dad said, "Oh my god! I't's a leech!", but i had no clue he was just jokeing so i looked at my leg and it was dried mud! He gave a phobia to his own daughter!!! I got a little upset, but i had never even thought about parasites very much until then so i kept looking at my leg until we got home... I'm pretty much over that fear now though so i'm happy- but what i REALLY want to say is PLEASE don't call them Retarded people! It's soooo rude! It hurts my feelings even though i'm not mentally challenged but it's still pretty mean- but i see what you mean though,so yeah...Well there you have it! Thanks 4 sharing! :) Hope you get over your fears! God bless ;)

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