I am afraid of moose

by Caleb
(New York City)

My name is Caleb and I am afraid of moose. It really bothers me when I see them near people or as you said holly in your car. That must have been a horrible expiernce for you, IM HERE FOR YOU GIRL. My entire life I have told my friends and family that being scared of moose is a real phobia and should be taken seriously, but they mocked me, they thought this was a big sherade. Holly I firmly believe that having a moose phobia is no joke even if it is to other people. Why are people not seeing what moose do this world, they are very destructive and could cause harm to people in rural areas and drivers. If you want to talk my email is cturnergutwillig2014 at erhsnyc.net, And again I think this problem/phobia is awful and should not be made fun of or pushed aside as a joke. Thank you.

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