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I'm also afraid of moose.
by: Anonymous

I've never seen one in real life but ever since a dream I had about a 'mooseman' who spoke to me at my bedroom window at night, I believe I have a genuine phobia of moose. Basically, I woke up in the middle of the night. It sounded like it was raining really hard so I got up to look at the rain. It must have been between about 1:30am and 4:30am because that's what time the streetlights outside my window go out, and it was pitch-black, but I don't recall actually seeing any rain. Then I saw the mooseman, hovering outside my window, holding something that looked like a long White scarf in his hooves. He was huge, he had a moose's head and front legs, and wings like massive dove wings. I don't remember seeing any 'man' part of it. I Don't quite know how I know it was called the mooseman but it told me in a booming voice (without actually speaking, I sort of heard it's thoughts telling me) something along the lines of 'I am the mooseman'... I think I may have asked who he was for him to say that. He was kind of smiling slightly, then he made that bellowing noise that moose do, but it actually said words with those bellows. I can't remember what it said but I remember telling myself 'this isn't a dream this time, I'll remember this in the morning. I know it's seems like a dream but it's not, not this time!' and making sure I was awake by pinching myself. I even remember stepping over things on my way back to bed, and noticing that I hadn't fully shut the curtain, which made it all very realistic. It really shook me up. I realised in the morning that no matter how realistic it was, it MUST have been a dream. Since then, any time I've seen moose in pictures or on TV, I panic, and it stirs a kind of fear in me that I haven't really felt before. It's their antlers and muzzles that really panic me. Any advice?

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