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by: Moe

Glad to see I am not alone in this fear. I have the same issue with old people with dementia; I have compassion for them but they make me super uncomfortable going back to when they were "mainstreamed" into my classes in elementary school. A restaurant I like to eat at hired a retarded girl to sweep the floor; she has to have a social worker babysit her while she aimlessly pushes a broom and cleans tables that don't need cleaning. I've started avoiding that restaurant during times I know she is there because I have a problem eating around her. This morning there was an older retarded woman brought to church by her sister who kept staring at me and making weird noises, which ruined my enjoyment of the service. I don't hate them and I wish I wasn't this way but it just shakes me to the core to thee point of panic attacks.

by: Anonymous

I am considered borderline mentally and it bothers me that there are people out there who have a phoba of me, I don't know if it is severely mentally challenged people or all but it's really stupid, I know people who have severe disabilities can get annoying but they can't help it. My friend is worse than me and he can get annoying sometimes and he tends to not pay attention which I do at times but when he does it I get pissed off at him so mentally challenged people can be annoying to other mentally challenged people also.

I got kicked out of a meeting
by: Anonymous

So I am blind and we have a national conference for blind people every year in California. I'm not someone who does well with being unexpectedly touched. Last year my hair was done into red and blue braids, and wouldn't you know it some idiot mother couldn't control her hulking son and he barreled right to me. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. Just to have a giant hand clamp on my hair pulling and he actually ripped some of it out at the root. I started screaming and cry trying to beat him with my cane. And through my terror I finally had enough sense to reach my pepper spray. I aimed up and back getting him full in face. I stop spraying until I felt the can go cold.

You all need to stop and think
by: Anonymous

I have this phobia. It's irrational and I hate but I have it, and some of you have it too, but have some fucking respect. These people are people will illnesses they cannot control. I have no inherent reason for this phobia, I was before I was ever attacked and that was once and she just yanked the back of my hair. It hurt and it scared me, but I'm not going to call her retarded and disrespect her and what her family goes through to try help her have a better life.

don't use the R word, it makes me sick to my stomach. these people are not like this by choice, do you really think they enjoy being seen in this light? would you?

I have had this fear for as long as I can remember, and I wouldn't say I'm of all mentally and physically challenged people. There's a girl with down syndrome that lives in my neighbourhood. she's lovely and funny and says hi whenever she sees me, but I feel that when mentally and physically challenged people are beyond the point of conversation or communication it's when it really gets to me. I value life very highly and it shakes me to my core when someone lives there's in a state where they cannot think for themselves or really do anything with their life but sit there or lash out. does that mean that their life is not worth living, no I would not say that, they are people, and they have feelings but at the same time...I don't know, I have no authority to say.

but please, I know some of you have gone through very rough experiences, but seriously, use your fucking brain.

The parents don't help much either
by: Anonymous

It's hard to put to words adequately. I don't hate them, but they always invoke this sickly cocktail of fear for my physical safety, discomfort as to how to react to them, and pity for them. Their parents' smiles are always so fixed, every feeling I've just described reflected in their eyes. It's like they're dedicated and loving enough to have come this far, but it's been taxing and they don't know where to go or what to do from here. Then you get the ones who will bully you around for not putting up with the heinous shit their kids can get up to, which is unbelievable. Maybe the creepiest part is the juxtaposition of the public school special ed program's kindergarten-esque rooms and the parents' desperation to believe what they're raising is a normal child. This isn't a hatred. I'm not even sure I'd call it a judgment. It's heartbreak and fear.

by: Anonymous

I'm terrified of severely mentally disabled people. I can't help it, I'm a very quiet and shy person, and I can't stand when abled people are loud and scary, let alone someone who does understand physical boundaries and personal ones and has the strength of ten people. When I was seven I was at the park and a severely disabled boy ran at me screaming, so I ran into my moms car and hid while he stood by the window and hit himself and yelled at me. My mom used to take care of a boy like this and he would hug me and drag me to the floor (he was ten and I was 13) he would always do wrestling moves on me and make me cry but my mom never did anything about it because "he doesn't know any better". I'm nice when they talk to me but holy shit it's the scariest thing ever to me.

by: Anonymous

I came across this site by accident because instead of being a baby and fearing people who are different, I was educating myself about these HUMANS who have feelings.

Some of the stories on here are disturbing.. Some people have been attacked, molested, or feel that their "personal space" wasn't respected by someone with autism or a mental retardation. Funny thing is I've been around autistic people and mentally handicapped people my ENTIRE life and never once felt uncomfortable, never once got groped or attacked, and never once got disgusted. However, I have felt my personal space wasn't respected MANY times while out with friends at a club, but not by autistic or mentally handicapped people, but by "normal" guys. A few years Ago a manager I worked with at a job got fired for sexually harassing me, but, he wasn't autistic or mentally retarded either.. In fact, he was "normal" as well. And when a friend of mine in high school got raped, it wasn't by the autistic boy who was making some noise and flapping his arms minding his own business, it was by one of the "normal" guys on the football team.

So, here's what I get from your so called "phobia"..

It's BS. It's like any other type of "hate". Some people are good, some people are bad. Being autistic or mentally retarded have nothing to do with it. I've seen many men "drool", but again, it was never the autistic boys, it was always the super drunk "normal" guy at a party. And oddly enough, this "superhuman strength" you all say autistic people have... Funny.. when my friends son who is mentally handicap and autistic got punched in the face by a bully at school- he showed NONE of this strength. In fact, he didn't even retaliate. Hmm. "Why do all handicap people smell?" ... Someone actually wrote that. Again, I've met a lot of stinky people in my life, and yet, many of the autistic people I know wash heir hands 50 times a day. I wonder how many "normal" people do that?
I'm not afraid of the handicapped, in fact, I'm afraid of the opposite. I'm afraid of the terrorists, (who are considered normal), the Charles Mansons (he, too, was considered "normal"), the Jeffrey Domers, (who wasn't autistic at all), and the Ted Bundys..(don't remember him? He used to kidnapp women, rape them, and then kill them.. And he also was "normal"). In fact, in every story I've read about cereal killers they have all been "normal". I've yet to read an article about a break in or theft that was done by an autistic or mentally disabled person. So yeah! If I get to choose you all can keep your "normal" people.

I'll take the autistic and mentally handicap ones. 👍🏻

OH! And ladies and gents.. I'm sure it's not too appetizing to watch you eat either. Suck it.

So glad it's not only me
by: Anonymous

1st time commenter here: I'm so glad I'm not the only one! People with certain disabilities do freak me out. Downs and autism is mentioned here a lot, it really depends on the severity for me. It is SO true about treating them like glass though, I have worked with children and seen that HURTS them more then helps. Mine fear is when they seem not to be in control of themselves (drooling, random screaming), makes my skin crawl. BTW my cousin is autistic, people assume he is high functioning because (besides being really quiet) he seems like an average 13 year old, his parents have WORKED hard with him.

by: Disappointed

Honestly it saddens me to see peoples comments. My little sister has Autism, Epilepsy, Tuberous Sclerosis, Seizures and tumours on her brain. Yes sometimes she is erratic and she might scream in public or make funny noises or movements. But at the end of the day her brain and body don't coincide like mine or yours. People need to understand that everyone is different and I still love her exactly the same! Often people with disabilities are actually quite sympathetic if you give them a chance.

My Most Confusing Phobia
by: Anonymous

I just don't understand it. I'm afraid of the mentally challenged, but it's not because I think they're going to attack me or someone else. Something about them just makes me freak out. It's like my subconscious perceives them as being "off" somehow. I feel like an asshole for having this phobia. I'm not against mentally challenged people at all. I don't think they're inherently dangerous, I don't think they're a menace to society, and I certainly don't think that they should be restricted. I've even donated to charities researching mental illness. I just can't get past this fear.

by: Anonymous

It's unfortunate that they were born like that, but, they were, so, why lump them in with the kids who ARENT disabled? I mean, I have a few theories as to why we may have fears, but, it perplexes me as to why no one else does. Perhaps it's a matter of experience. But I don't think they belong in public schools. I think there should be schools specifically designed for them and their needs. It would only be beneficial, after all.

And, when I'm trying to work, hearing disabled kids screaming like they're in pain in the hallways is a bit... Disruptive.

I am terrified as well.
by: Anonymous

I have had a long standing fear of the mentally disabled. When I was in second grade an autistic boy beat our teacher with a brick. In middle school my parents forced me to play with a Down Syndrome girl in my neighborhood because no other kid would. They dropped me off at her house and all we did was sit around while she held a doll and drooled. She couldn't even speak of move very well so more often then not her mom would put in a movie until my mom came to get me. The whole time I sat there I was on the verge of both crying and puking. I didn't understand why out of all the kids in the neighborhood I had to have parents that made me "play" with this girl. When I was in high school I was stalked by a mentally handicapped adult. He saw me reading at the local swimming pool and approached me with an obvious raging boner. He then found out where I worked and would sit in the restaurant for hours out of hopes of talking to me. He walked to my grandmother's house ringing the door bell at all hours trying to find me. Despite this stalking behavior my family members said I shouldn't worry because he was "feeble minded" and thus could not hurt me. Eventually I got so scared my best friend told her parents about it and they took me to the police station to file a report against him. The officer said that other girls had lodged complaints against this man in the past, and while they could not actually arrest him the officer would tell him to leave me alone. I am now in my mid twenties and was starting to be optimistic about the whole thing. My boyfriend has a disabled cousin who, while a bit clingy, is a charming young man and does not scare me now, even though he did at first. If you tell him you don't want him to touch you he stops. Meeting him gave me hope that I could overcome my fear of other mentally handicapped people, until yesterday. Yesterday, my friend was assaulted by a teen boy with autism. She was walking into her apartment building and saw him sitting in the parking lot, so she waved to him. He ran at her screaming and bit her arm and shoulder through her clothing. She asked me to pick her up at the ER and her whole arm was bruised and covered in bite marks. The police could not arrest him because he is mentally handicapped. Now I am afraid I will run into him somewhere, and get attacked! She was just minding her own business and being friendly and she got attacked for it. AND the police will not protect her from this kid because he is retarded. A bunch of bullshit I say! I get uncontrollable "creeps" when I feel like I am trapped with a mentally handicapped person. I feel the uncontrollable urge to run, or to become invisible. It takes every fiber of my being to act polite and not just crumble from fear. There is another mentally handicapped man who comes into the restaurant where I wait tables and he always tries to hug the staff and con us for free food. I am the only one who does not allow him to hug me. People act like I punched him in the face, but I don't want strange people hugging me! I am also afraid he will fall in love with me and start stalking me like the man in high school. All retards scare me. Regardless of age, race, extent of ability (or lack thereof), I see them in public and instantly feel a low sense of dread in my stomach. I avoid them if at all possible, and do my best to be polite yet distant when I DO have to interact with them. I understand that they, at times, cannot control their actions. But, my boyfriend taught special needs students for many years and says that many of them have some control over their actions, but when they get treated like "special little snowflakes" they observe this and act inappropriately because they know they can get away with it. Fucking terrifying. P.S. If anyone is curious, I am a brunette, so I'm not sure if hair color is a correlating factor here.

Needing to learn
by: Anonymous

It is interesting to read what is shared here about fear of intellectually disabled people. I work and care for many intellectually disabled people. I can tell you that some of the behavior described here is unacceptable. We teach and re-teach the importance of respecting people's personal space. We also teach what are acceptable and inappropriate conversations. It is wrong that their care givers and or staff/teachers, etc allow these folks to behave inappropriately.

It is all about teaching. All the above being said, I have been greatly blessed by these folks - they are forgiving, loving, and happy. Many want to just share life with you - they are athletes, artists, musicians, cooks, and even models!

Afraid of their behaviour not of them
by: Anonymous

I too am afriad. My fear is not of them so much as of their behaviour. If a person of above normal intellect invaded my personal space and he no idea about rudeness or how to conduct themselves in public I would be equally disturbed.

Maybe all of you should ask yourselves, is it the mentally challenged person you find distubing, or is it the behaviour.

I just can't
by: Anonymous

I just can't. My boyfriend has at 14 year old brother with Down syndrome, and at first I was fine only cause I never got to see him. But one day my boyfriend and I decided to tag along with his mom so we could eat. So we go to the car, and there he is, his little brother. I was scared as shit cause he kept looking at me. But anyway, we're on the way to eat and out of nowhere he starts trying to reach for my hair and I push his hand away and say no. He kept trying to do it the whole time. But what was worse was the way he eats. It's disgusting! I tried to tell him not to eat off the table or booth top cause it had lent and bugs on it but wtf he puts the bare food on top of the lent and bugs and eats it!!!! The poor mom just couldn't react to it!!! She always looks so miserable. I just want him to die!! It's just GROSS!

I was attacked by a mentally challenged boy
by: Anonymous

When I was in high school I was attacked by a mentally challenged boy. He didn't have Downs, he was just "slow". I had always had a fear of them (the Downs people and the retarded) and that just made it worse. He walked up behind me and choked me. He only let me go cuz I managed to scream. The police came and the school principal and his teacher told me I shouldn't try and press charges because he didn't know what he was doing. Wtf. He knew he was doing wrong. Later on I heard he followed another retarded girl into the bathroom and tried to rape her.
Those people make me sick. Especially when you walk past them and you can see how the drool and they often stink really bad. I don't understand how people say they're "special". There's nothing special about that. They are disgusting.

It's ok to be afraid!!!
by: Anonymous

Most people think this might be so wrong or cruel that people are afraid of the mentally challenged but I see nothing wrong with that at all it's actually a part of our nature to be afraid of the "un-known" something that we have no controll over or what isn't predictable and the mentally challenged is very un-predictable and don't know what he or she might do or is thinking! But people who are saying there comfortable or stating hate comments to this site is because they might have more "experience" with mentally challenged people which isn't fair to people who don't deal with them at all or get hunted by them at school lol. But it's nature because it's un fimiluar to us I can remember when I was in elementary school I would have to go to day care after school because my partens worked late hours there would be this one boy that was mentally challenged and remember I was little ok probably 7 and when youre younger then ten yrs of age you only know so much a person is capable of doing and we are scared of cooties and nose pickers lol but being around him scared me because he would scream, drool, and talk very loud and I couldn't comprehend why at such a young age it was like a battle feild I had to pre pare for war had to protect my clothes from being drooled on and cover my ears and shield my hair if he got a hold of it and I'll let you know it's not fun for a 7year old nor any age to have to brace themselves for any of thoes things. Find this rude? Cruel or wrong sorry it's just one of thoes things and some can be agressive I'm not sugar coating anything nor am I going to feel bad it happens to everyone even for innocent young children experience at some point. I know it's not the mentally challenged people fault I'm not implying that at all! But if you're wanting to know why it's mostly part to do with the unfimilar part not knowing what he or she might do to you or if your space will be violated but I will let you know that they are very kind hearted people especially the more developed ones because they might express themselves more then younger ones where they might have more trouble doing so it's a very slow process for them when they are younger or if they are more disadvantaged then others. -thank you

Yep. I agree.
by: literally everyone

I am afraid of them too, and I can relate to the other posts commenting on them hitting on you or trying to be friends. I understand that their condition sometimes has them acting like children, but they still scare me and make me anxious. And some are really sweet, don't get me wrong it's just that I have sadly met many that know they can get away with bad and sometimes inappropriate behaviour just because of their "disability", but come on (!) that's no excuse!!!
And I don't know why but I have had many gross experiences with them, I guess that because I'm scared of them and I want them to stay away from me or to not hurt me so I am nice or polite to them and then they grow fond of me. I have had many follow me, even stalk me or try to touch me... any other normal person would be told something because that is harassment but nooo I guess they "just can't help it". It's too creepy and they honestly have no sense of personal space and as someone that is typically anxious and easily triggered by many things, I just can't stand them. I know it sounds awful and pathetic, but I believe myself to be a good person and I really do try handle things calmly, but I am still disgusted and scared.

Omg Retards LOVE ME and its terrifying!!!
by: Goddamnit Im a Retard Magnet

seriously, if i get within 10 yards of a retard they are drawn to me they try to touch me talk to me! i have long black hair so maybe just contrast or extremes stand out to them & draws their attention. idk but that would explain blond thing. I am petrified of them and whenever i see them i avert my gaze, get panicky, and try to find the nearest way out/away. I get pissed off and my stomach starts knotting up they come up to me and impose on me, make a spectactle of me and im supposed to tolerate it because of sorry but Their genetic shortcomings??? Plus theres the whole "RETARD STRENGTH" factor which IS A THING 100% real!!! Its like they are so strong because they dont know any better... or something? like they dont know people shouldnt be able to run through walls or pick up cars and throw them at people.. Im exaggerating but you know what i mean!! Im terrified of them and really DISLIKE being/feel Disgust at their very presence I think if their helpers cant control them they should be on a leash (but no leash couldwithstand Retard Strength...-shiver!) I resent being imposed upon, being made a spectacle of and for feeling obligated to apologize that I am revulsion panic and fear of retards and second guess my first impulse to find any means watsoever to get these goons to stay away from me!!!!

Fear of handicapped and grossed out
by: Anonymous

Toi the previous person who got angry regarding this phobia !! You do not understand that it is real and were not trying to be other phobias we cannt help it and WE need help too !!!! My whole life i have been afraid of mentally challenged and severely handicapped people. I cannot eat in front if any of them because they drool et and i get very disgusted! I have been ashamed of myself until now, because i realise its not ny fault. I have a genuine phobia.

Me too
by: Anonymous

So there is an autistic boy, about 16 years old, living in the house catty-corner to me, and every day he comes outside and bangs on the fence with a rock for 30 minutes to an hour straight. It drives my dogs crazy and stresses them out, and it makes me angry because I'm trying to have some peace and quiet in my house and I can't do so with a near-constant hammering sound outside. He even waits for me to let my dogs out, and once he hears my door open he comes out and starts banging the fence with the freaking rock!

It also bothers all the neighbors, who also happen to have dogs that hate the kid banging on the fence and bark at him constantly. His mom lets him do whatever he wants, including throwing trash over the fence into our yard, and I've never once heard her telling him to stop.

Now maybe this makes me cruel or something, but I don't believe that anyone, mentally handicapped or not, should be able to just disturb all their neighbors and throw things everywhere and stress out people's dogs and never have anyone tell them no.

So today, after almost a year of dealing with it, I stood outside my door and waited for him to start banging on the fence again and then I shouted "Quit that!" Not in a mean or vicious way, just firmly and loud enough for him to hear me.

And wouldn't you know, he stopped!

I wish I would have done this sooner, honestly. I think if someone (aka his mother) would just tell him no once in a while, he wouldn't be such a nuisance to the neighbors in the first place. And I'm sad that I have to think of him that way, because I'm sure he's a nice kid, but the only bit of him I've ever had the chance to get to know was the constant knocking on the fence, and sometimes climbing on it to stare at me over the top.

Anyway, he didn't say anything or cry or even act hurt, he just quit banging the rock. I would've felt bad if I'd made him feel bad, but at the same time, I have a right to enjoy my weekends off without a constant noise disruption.

Am I a terrible person for thinking this way?

by: Anonymous


I am too afraid.
by: Anonymous

When I used to go to high school, there was this autistic 5th grade boy that used to act really strange and it always bothered me... I would feel very anxious all the time and want to cry whenever I saw him. I tried to ignore it and just not talk to him, well one day he ran up to me and I decided that my fear of him was irrational, so I tried talking to him. Well the second I did he bit my hand so hard that he broke the skin. After that it just made my fears worse. They're also very unpredictable which also scares me... I feel so mean but I don't think there's anything I can do about it... Also, I am to the point where they scare me so much that I don't want to have kids because I'm afraid my child might come out like that.. I don't see myself ever getting over it. :/

Severely autistic boy sexually assaulted me in high school...
by: Anonymous

I was a sophmore in high school when it happened. I was in my favorite class (Art) and we were watching a movie in class about the Renaissance artists. The classroom lights were turned off and i was sitting in the back and had to use the bathroom so I got up to go when the 300lb 6'6 severely autistic boy who always smelled of B.O. and that he didnt wipe his ass or brush his teeth got up right behind me. I didnt think anything of it because he was always getting up and moving around the class and making noises and generally disrupting class but no one could do anything about it because he has the mental capacity of a toddler with a teenage boys sexual urges. Needless to say he always made me uncomfortable but i did my best to tolerate him and try to learn dispite his constant interuptions.
Like i was saying, I got up from my table and headed to the door. Before i knew what was happening he had me pinned against the wall and was shoving his hand down my pants and forcing his fingers inside me. I panicked and screamed and tried to push him off of me but he literally had retard strength. It probably only lasted a few moments but it felt like an eternity. The teacher ran from the front of the classroom to try and pull him off of me but she was a tiny woman maybe 5'1 100lbs soaking wet so she had a really hard time stopping him. Other male students jumped up and got him off of me. I was so humiliated and felt completely violated. I didn't think it could get any worse but it did...
When we had to go to the deans office and i explained what he had done, i was then informed that because he was special needs he would not be written up or charged with any crime because he "didnt know any better."....Needless to say i flipped the fuck out on the dean and called her incompetent and said how can you let that retard do this to me??? I got suspended from school for 3 days for calling the retard who sexually assaulted me a retard...yes you read that right...i got suspended. Not him. Not even a referral. And the school refused to let me switch classes so i had to remain in the class with that fucker for the rest of the school year. Im so sick of these subhuman freaks with raging hormones and no concept of boundries having zero repercussions because theyre "special". Why are they even allowed in same classes as the rest of us when they don't do anything and get away with everything! Where is my justice and why does it make me an awful person for despising them and wishing they were all sterilized to suppress their urges??? I can still smell him to this day and its been 10 years.

Had one sit next to me in a bar
by: Anonymous

I was at a bar having a drink while i waited on a friend and hadnt taken one sip when one of them started talking to me. Since I try to be very friendly to all people I started talking to him. It was hard to understand him and he kept inching closer into my personal space. After exchanging a few phrases of dialogues, I started to sip my gin. But he kept talking and talking to me and changing the subject. What made me really uncomfortable was the fact that he wanted not only my first, but my last name as well. Had this happen several places. All I wanted to do was have one drink, but this guy was so annoying that I never finished it. Its like man, you've overstayed your welcome with me now leave me alone

Me too :(
by: Anonymous

Me too you guys... Since middle and high school when the special needs kids would join our classes or walk through the halls. There was one male who was severely mentally handicapped and he walked funny and drooled and made these scary noises that sounded like he was dying or choking. He creeped me out soooo badly :( he liked giving hugs to other students and all his teachers encouraged it! I would shrink into the walls praying, 'please don't touch me, please don't touch me...' I understand the differences in mental capacity but I donot understand why their caregivers think that everyone wants to hug and touch and interact with them. Im not a big touchy feely person to begin with. Here's my biggest, most embarrassing confession: down syndrome babies give me such a huge repulsion response :( all I can see is the lax muscles and little arms and inability to do much and their strange looking future selves...

your retarded too.
by: Anonymous

You can say what you want about retarded people but people like yourself , like the "normal ones" are actually totally psycho and evil. Seriously, "normal" people are freaking mean,gross and psychos. how can you hate people for being retarded. You are worse than they are. Retards dont fuck with people.You fuck with people and say mean shit about people. everyone in the world is retarded just in different w Theyd I bet retarded people all probably would just want to be left alone if they had it their way. To a retarded person, a "normal" person like yourself seems like a mean ass psycho and you offer absolutely no solution to their problems. Just insults and more torment for the retarded person. you will never accept the retarded person but oh it is so easy to laugh and point your finger at them isn't it? It just pisses me off that for some reason non retarded people always have to fuck with retarded people. It just seems cowardly to me. I dont know.

scared of having one.
by: Anonymous

I'm very similar to most of you. Even though I'm out of high school, I baby sat a family with a mentally handicapped boy and a 'normal' one. The mentally handicapped tried kissing me on multiple occasions to prove to his friends he was cool and it seriously freaked me out. Now that I'm older and starting to think of having children of my own and I'm absolutely terrified of having a special kid. I saw how it tore apart the family I baby sat, because mom played favorite to the special kid and dad played favorite to the normal kid. They hate each other. My fiance thinks it's a sad thing to fear.. but I just don't want that. I'm afraid I won't love it. Or if I found out before hand I'd abort it. I don't know. Ugh.

by: Anonymous

I never understood why people are condemned for being uncomfortable or fearing retarded people or those with Down's syndrome. In nature the animals either abandon or kill the ones born with disabilities. Not saying we should kill them, but the discomfort and fear is not that weird. I have it, too. I thought I was the only one. I have it so severely that I could hardly sleep during my last pregnancy for fear my baby might be born with downs. Since I'm almost 40, they say the risk is higher. My baby is fine, thank goodness.

They scare me
by: Anonymous

I am scared of them too. Physically disabled people don't bother me in the least, because they are sane. Retarded people are so unpredictable and it freaks me out. The absolute worst are autistic people. My sister got attacked and choked by one. I had one come into my old place of employment and he ran around flapping his hands making really bizarre noises, shaking his head back and forth sprinting back and forth in the store screaming. I felt so bad for his parents like why do you even keep this animal? They scare me so much. If only there were a way to screen for mental retardation during pregnancy and have mandatory abortions performed where it were certain the child were retarded. My worst nightmare would be to have a retarded kid, I would have to throw them into a foster home. Why even send these kids to school, either? When I was in high school we had this room full of the autistic kids who would eat their own feces and flail around constantly screaming, walk up and down the halls making these horrid noises. It's pointless to "educate" them as they cannot be educated and will be stupid forever, they are a waste of air and space because they will never have the capability to live even somewhat of a normal life, ever. Why even give them the money, attention and food etc. That someone who's actually useful could have had, they should just all be shot and killed and the world would be a better place. They are worthless and they scare the absolute life out of me, I fear for my safety every time I see one running around at the mall. Just the other day I saw one sitting in a cart at the store, covering his ears and making these horrid noises, flailing around. I just hate seeing these "people" it makes me want to vomit.

Feel bad for them but I feel naseous around them
by: Anonymous

I have no idea why I have a phobia around people with some type of visual disablity. It makes me sick seeing them, and it breaks my heart, and I feel terrible feeling this way. There has been countleee amount of times where I was out eating and there was disabled kids in a group. I get really naseous and can't eat. Same goes for nusring homes patients. I care about them and It breaks my heart but I just can't eat around them.

Me too (kind of)
by: Anonymous

My mom has kids from a previous marriage, and her son has lived with us for our entire lives. He is 30 something years-old and he is mentally retarded. He is very un-hygienic and I have to clean the entire house because of this. I have two younger siblings, and I fear of them or my mom, or anybody getting sick from him. He lives in our basement and touches himself all day, he even stole my little brothers tablet, and my mom gets emails on the apps that he downloads. He does not own a toothbrush and showers once a week. He is very rude and I just want him gone. My mom does not see an issue with it because she feels bad for him, but I don't understand her perspective because she has other children she needs to worry about. He has pooped in the shower multiple times and left it for me to clean up, also left things behind in the toilet and on the toilet seat. He knows after he leaves a space I have to disinfect everything with cleanser and take the time to wipe everything down, so he purposely leaves things behind. He uses his disability as an excuse because he knows my mom will not hold him accountable for his actions. He is very creepy, also. And he is very manipulative, a very ugly disgusting person. This is not so much of a fear but as I was googling why mentally retarded people are so unhygienic I stumbled across this blog, and chose this topic as my venting station. I wonder why he is such a dirty person, but only God knows.

serious fear
by: Anonymous

I was stabbed by a special person with a fork I was bleeding and am still in pain. I'm in high school and he is in the special program. He has threatened me and attacked me for three years and nothing is ever done about it. I shouldn't have to fear for my life at school. I had dreams and goals and now I can't even achieve them because of the pain and torment he causes me as well as many other special people. I don't care if people are mad at me for hating and fearing retards. My life is ruined because of them and some day I hope people will realize that they need to be closed off from the rest of the world so they cant hurt anyone.

Not retarded

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just because someone is mentally disabled does NOT make them retarded. I myself have autism, but I'm not retarded.

You're not the only one who's afraid of mentally disabled people, but no one should be. They're just like anyone else.


by: Anonymous

I hate retards there is a reason you're afraid of them its because they are pigs!

I have Asperger's Syndrome and fear lower functioning disabled people.
by: Anonymous

I got in a huge argument saying I'm sick of hearing about how mentally disabled people can't help touching others. Then I get told I have a problem with mentally disabled people. When you have a form of Autism you're constantly pressured to be around others with Autism. You get emotionally abused and told "You could've been like them!" if you say you don't want to be around others with lower functioning Autism. I don't like being touched unexpectedly, and I'm female and got sexual harassment from them wanting to pretend anyone who didn't have a thing for caretaking would want to be involved with their son.

What I'm saying is you shouldn't feel guilty for not wanting to be around unpredictable people with Autism or other mental illnesses, and people who guilt others about it should realize forcing an Autistic person to be friends with someone who wants nothing to do with them only hurts the person with Autism in the end.

I am sick and angry thinking about the suffering caused by parents so desperate to fufill the fantasy of having a normal child. I found out years later I was sent to these Autism support groups by my overprotective dad to have some social interaction. I became extremely depressed, not only was I being used by the parents of kids with Autism, but treated like a baby who needed to go to a group with people who couldn't talk. I don't blame my parents, these support groups will lie saying there are other higher functioning Autistic people there, only to put you on babysitting duty.

What really angers me is that no one can complain about it. I have a form of Autism and give all of you permission to complain. Parents of kids with Autism should not feel free to bully everyone into ignoring their child's behavior. You are not exaggerating, it really is that bad. It also screws up Autistic people keeping them from consequences. I found out the hard way getting told by the mods my Asperger's wasn't a get out of punishment card. They were right. I'm not saying all parents of Autistic people are manipulative, I am saying those that are have been screwing things up for their kids, they are not helping them by forcing them on others.

I also want to mention that it's BS that men with Autism are not held accountable for sexual harassment, it doesn't matter if they didn't understand they are not victims! If anything they are victims of the people who brought out excuse after excuse for their behavior. I'll just say I read a story on Reddit where a woman was sexually harassed by a man with Autism and it was ignored because he said sorry, and she was made to feel complaining about it was like getting upset about a toddler who made a boo boo. If your child with Autism makes adult mistakes they need to face them like an adult, or be put in a place they cannot endanger others. I nearly was punched by a man with Autism at an event, to clarify I was going through my Goth phase which may have scared him, not that means his actions were okay I just want it to be clear I did nothing wrong in the situation. He should be at a home, not out in public unrestrained free to punch people.

So in conclusion what I'm saying is you have every right to be afraid. There are parents of mentally disabled kids who don't care that their child is the town terror, they just claim they and their child are perpetual victims and everyone just refuses to understand. You have a right to tell them no and mean it. The problem is with them if they can't handle it, not you.

by: Anonymous

I have read the comments on here from various individuals it's your ignorance of people with special needs.

Many of you have not given them a chance
Must be very sad for you all to live a very narrow-minded exsistance.

The scientific name
by: Anonymous

Arrhenphobia is the fear of mentally retarded people.

The mentally retarded is also very unacceptable. It makes all people the spectrum (which means ranges from low to high in this context)of

Down syndrome
and much more ..

in a BOX. A stuffy useless-person BOX.

When your school or college has inclusion programmes, it is NOT so that you develop hatred. It is so that you can understand and FEEL the pain and problems of a special needs person. NOT so that you complain about how they shred your books or touched your hair, or screamed from their classroom and how it disrupted your PERFECT world.

You can understand your cat or dog, but you aren't able to sympathize with a special needs person. You REALLY need treatment. Please go get it.

If your behaviour becomes more acceptable, then the whole world will become a worse place for people who are struggling to live anyway.

I had a special needs person live in my building. He would touch my hair, but I only smiled at him. Eventually he learned to speak and behave normally and that stopped. I'm happy I did NOT walk away or scowl at him and give him trauma.

I am so sad to read what some people have said in their comments.

The Fear Is Evolutionary
by: JW

Why do so many people ''fear'' seriously challenged people? Because their genes are sub standard and they are in the breeding pool.

Also, they are prone to violence and being sexually abusive, This is Fact! Ask anyone who has ever worked in an institute with them. The parents who were forcing their child to '' like'' the retard in class are going against their son's natural born instinct to protect himself and those of similar stature. Teach him to ignore the kid but do not force him.

Do not let your fear take over your life and under no circumstances treat them any different where your personal comfort level or well being is concerned. If they grab your tit, smack the shit out of them like you would anyone else.

If, society wants to keep them around average/above average people then they need to suffer the same consequences.

by: Anonymous

What a bunch of ignorant people you all are!

I feel for these people they have to put up with shit from people like YOU!

I guess you would like all these people put away out of sight?

Can't belive this is 2014 more like 1914 with some of the people's comments on here.

It's natural for many to be unnerved.
by: Anonymous

You're unsettled because they're unpredictable, explosive and awkward. As humans, we're wired to note those traits and see them as unacceptable. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about your wiring. Some people are more comfortable around mentally handicapped individuals, and they do not understand why everyone else isn't. That is because they are wired to nurture anything that is needy, including other people.

If you look at nature, nature does not favor the handicapped. And we are part of nature. You can try to be more polite or avoid situations which bring you into contact with mentally handicapped persons, but it is very hard to see them as anything other than unnatural.

I do my best and smile, but I cringe when they paw me or drool on themselves. But they didn't choose to be that way, and are oblivious to the world in severe cases of retardation. So I cannot hate them. They cannot control their genetics, and there are people out there who are open and loving, willing to accept them. But these people have to understand that no everyone is like that. They're like mothers who cannot fathom that not every woman wants a baby.

I don't feel comfortable around unpredictable, awkward, boundary ignoring, messy, loud, strong people. Add those traits together and I avoid contact. It's another person, but they formed with an error in their genetic code and came out wrong. If you love them, good for you and keep up the good work. And if they're high functioning, good too. I can deal with that. But I don't want to be groped on by a five foot infant with adult strength. That's my prerogative and you can pray for me all day, but I'm not going to be like you.

Wow. I need to look into this more
by: Anonymous

I am glad I found this site. Being a nurse and clinician who has worked with many disabled people and a brother to a beautiful sister who has some disability , I was shocked when my partner disclosed his fear of people who are disabled. I did not know that something like this existed. I guess at the end of the day there could be this fear, just as any other fear. But because it goes against the social norm, people do not like it and call these people in humane. I am searching for a name for this phobia and I suggest that we give these people a break and try to understand that they do not fit in the world quite as well as someone with disability. They need assistance to overcome this phobia if they so wish. Let's give them a break and give them the same understanding as we would somebody with a disability. Sometimes without them knowing, they suffer a disability to!

my first memory of retards
by: reginald

I was about 6 or 7. I was sitting in Sunday school, when all of a sudden in the gym right next to where all the other kids where sitting we heard this girl start screaming. So everyone jumped up to see what was going on. The down syndrome boy had grabbed this little girl by the hair, and drug her in the gym and was slapping her around and yelling at her face. That is why I am leery of special needs people. I'm thankful for people who can work with them but it is NOT for me. It's scary to know that someone can snap on you for no reason at all!!

Dumb Bastards
by: Hater

I'm probably going to catch hell for it, but I swear, I get attacked by one of these dimwitted disgraces, I will personally report them to the authorities. Any mentally disabled S. O. B. coming towards me will be abandoned. They are not like us! Moral indifference is strength!

Possibly the same
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if I'm afraid, or just plain intolerant. My science room in school was pretty much right next to the learning support room, and I sometimes hear hysterical screaming and shouting, presumably from there. I once had a chance to go into the LS room, and my brain told me it was a kindergarden room (happy faces, colorful writing, low-vocabulary words, I pride myself on my choice of words, it impresses relatives, bees, and crayons. With FACES on them.) In other words, I don't like mentally disabled people, plain and simple. I don't want to look at them, be around them, or even confirm their very existence. It's gotten THAT bad.

I just don't know
by: Confused Antelope

I, too, have this fear. I feel really rotten inside knowing that I am scared of certain groups of people; because it's wrong. I want to like them, but I find it hard because of this: I don't know how to react. I just feel it's hard to not feel awkward with someone you can't understand, and you don't know what they are going to do. I believe that most of them are probably very kind of loving people, which is why is makes me feel so terrible. I get very nervous when someone is unpredictable, like the mentally challenged. It's not the fact that I don't like them as people, I'm just not prepared for their actions. Because they are hard to read, I get very anxious whenever I see them, and I feel like a antelope in the middle of a group of bloodthirsty lions. I've had this fear since I was little and I am very ashamed of it. And when they touch me, I get very nervous, just because I'm not a very touchy person in general, and I don't know how to respond to that. Please Help :/

i hate retards
by: Anonymous

Ihate retards they stink.

by: Anonymous

I strongly am disgusted by them. I know its mean but they are just scary. I dont want them anywhere near me I just cant stand them. The thing that pisses me off the mist,is that they can pass gradrs easily while the rest of us struggle. Like what the fuck wr need an EC scool. Im tired of them being here.

OMG, Me Too!
by: Anonymous

i am glad i am not the only person with a fear of retard people. They freak the absolute shit out of me. I never grew up around them, so when i see them now i start having a panic attack. They come up too you and try to touch you, they make me feel dirty if they touch me, i don'y feel as though they are as clean as a normal person, not only people with Down Syndrome too, people that are in wheelchairs that dribble everywhere scare me as well. I know people will say to me i am disgusting and i should feel bad about how i feel, but i can't help it! I didn't choose to be scared of mentally retarded people!

Me too
by: Anonymous

I know it's bad but my aunt is disabled and I have to pick her up from her center and every time atleast one of them will come up and try to touch me or freak out and its just creapy
There worse at school because I'm not the best looking kid in world but it seems like all of them have got a thing for me always trying to talk to me or come near me but I can do nothing about it because of the schools no tolerance

by: Anonymous

Why are you afraid? Coudn't it happen to everyone?

I'm afraid of those
by: Anonymous

I'm scared of those who are scared of disabled people! Think a little bit and the fear goes away!
That's the brain is for.
(Friendly advice)

by: Anonymous

I am very sad I even found this site by accident. I look after three young men with down syndrome. They are very loving down syndrome people. Everyone on here needs to get a grip with their fears! :(

by: Glenn

Here we go stereotyping a person with a handicap, suppose that you were mentally retarded, or had a physical disability, how would you fell if someone made fun of you? Think, don't be so closed other words don't be so ignorant.

So glad to have found this.
by: Anonymous

I too have the socially unacceptable fear of mentally retarded people, Down syndrome people in particular. It didn't come into realization until I volunteered at an event with special needs people in my last year of high school. It was frustrating to be unable to communicate and it was uncomfortable to have my space continuously invaded. I have blond hair and they kept touching it and it made me feel very, very uncomfortable and as if they had made me dirty. Thinking about it makes me feel nauseated and anxious. I have a friend now who has a brother with Down syndrome and it has only increased my fear. He always pretends to be hurt when he sees me in the hopes that I will touch him, which scares me because I'm afraid if I do he will grab me or do something inappropriate. He is very strong when he's upset and I worry about that too. So my fear has elevated to uncomfort and anxiety now to a true fear and a dread of being around him or other people with mental disabilities. I feel truly awful about it, but exposure has only seemed to make things worse and has created a lot of intolerant thinking towards them on my part, so I am very happy I could finally get this off my chest..

Had to add this...
by: Anonymous

Goodness, after reading everyones' comments, I had to add on to this.
I had never seen a mentally retarded person till I became a freshman in a very gifted school. My first encounter was not a pretty one, one of the retarded kids (we have like ten of them in our health class and I just can't help but freak out on the inside) had tried to kill my best friend with a dog tag our coach gave him (he snuck up behind her and this other girl screamed as loud as she could so my fried could jump out of the way).
And what peeves me the most is that I share the same lunch period with them. They always head off to the vending machines to steal any types of snacks or drinks after the kids with money choose. The babysitters don't even lift a damn finger to tell them "No that's wrong." Not even when one of those kids took my notebook and shredded it. I had to redo it all over again. I don't mean to sound mean, but I don't think that they should attend such a gifted school if they need a babysitter to even help them tie their shoes!

by: Anonymous

I'm happy to know that im not like the only person who is afraid of retards but today i was walking in the hallway in my highschool and no one else was around when this retarted kid came running after me as fast as he could (he was to my back so it made it even more scary for me) and it scared the shit out of me i started shaking and like speed walking away and i heard some lady say that he just wanted to high five me because im pretty so i did but the whole time is was like shaking and i felt like i was going to die when he was running after me

by: Anonymous

I'm happy to know that im not like the only person who is afraid of retards but today i was walking in the hallway in my highschool and no one else was around when this retarted kid came running after me as fast as he could (he was to my back so it made it even more scary for me) and it scared the shit out of me i started shaking and like speed walking away and i heard some lady say that he just wanted to high five me because im pretty so i did but the whole time is was like shaking and i felt like i was going to die when he was running after me

in response to parents with children w/ phobia
by: Anonymous

when I was little I used to be the same, there was a girl in my class at nursery and I used to literally shake in fear when she was in the room. When I used to go out/ to the shops I used to spend the whole time being terrified that I'd run into someone like that.

However, I'm 20 now and through adolescence I pretty much got over my fear. I am still a little bit scared of mentally disabled people, but I know I'm being ridiculous and that as a child my fear was really out of proportion to the situation.

My parents never made a big deal about it, they were just light-hearted about it and let me be scared. They explained to me that they wouldn't attack me and told me not to worry. I went to a different school for primary and it never had a big effect on me growing up.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I'm really scared of them as well. :( It makes me feel like such an awful person.

You are all terrible, horrible people... and so am I
by: Anonymous

Christ on a bike, I'm terrified of them, too. I don't mind physically disabled or mildly mentally disabled people, but severely retarded people rustle my jimmies to an unbelievable degree. I think it's because I have no idea what they're going to do. They have no concept of personal space, and I'm not a fan of people touching me at the best of times. When someone you can't say "no" to comes up to your with their dirty, sticky fingers and starts pawing at you... D: And you're just supposed to stand there and take it. At my school, the special class eats lunch with the rest of us, and there's one guy who'll just sit down right next to you and start touching your hair with his snotty fingers and talking to himself and oh my baby Jesus it makes me want to cry, but I just have to ignore it because I'd get in an almighty amount of trouble if I said anything.

They seem to be attracted to me, too, although I have dark brown hair. Oh jeez, the other day, I was in a shop, and I was walking past a Downs Syndrome guy, and I know it was terrible of me, but all I was thinking at the time was "OH GOD DON'T TOUCH ME, PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME", and then he grabbed my arm and I basically just freaked out in the middle of a shop. Dirty looks from everyone, wahey! It's such an awful thing, really, but I can't help it.

Mom of a 7 year old who is scared of retarded people
by: Anonymous

I found this forum while searching for a "cure" for my 7-year old son's phobia of retarded people. I thought it was something he could easily overcome, and my husband and I have kept pushing him to stop feeling this way, accept these people, etc. He has a mentally handicapped boy in his class and is literally crying every day not wanting to go there...After reading your posts, I don't know if I should push him any more, if it's a phobia that he has there isn't much that we can do, we should probably just respect it and help him... It sounds like all of you here are grown ups, do you have any suggestion on how to help a kid who has the same issue? He has all his life ahead of him, there are people like that everywhere, you can't hide or run away from there, they are just there... this is what I have been trying to tell him. What can I do? Someone mentioned taking him to a place to be around them. I am grossed out by this idea too, to be honest, but I could do if for him...Any advice?

by: Anonymous

I have this fear too. I don't like looking at them or being around them. Its not that I think they're ugly, I'm just scared.
And I like that one guys post about people like us needing help, its not our fault. People have unusual fears of feet? Not their fault. I'm sure that person has Some unusual fear too, so like. Stop hatin'.

by: Anonymous

ive been having problems with the one disabled kid at my school. he would generally go about his day just to seek me out and annoy me in the best possible way, even sometimes throwing a variety of objects which he would vary according to what he had in his bag which could be a shoe brush to, what happened about a year ago, an actual hamster. This problem has been going on ever since i first joined high school where he would constantly pound me with useless questions and comments during the times with our form group, but this being my last year I wanted to make everything peaceful by finding a way of getting him to leave me alone, and before you say to tell a teacher, i have literally told every single teacher in the school and they dont seem to care at all, one teacher, who turns out to be my favorite teacher even told me that to get him to leave me alone ive got make him cry through pain and misery as he put it due to the fact he dosent react to 'could you please leave me alone', and i have shamefully tried this but i dont have the heart to go fully through it, i have also tried to talk to his mom but she just blanked me and gave me evils. I later understood why since my favorite teacher explained that she is just as bad as the student with a load of explinations like she had a go at him becuase he let her son use the computer, when he questioned her logic she thought that the internet is just full of pedophiles and that is why she dosent let him go on a computer. I have tried to be all manor of things from peaceful to almost giving him a black eye which im not proud of and he still follows me around. I need some idea to get him to leave me alone also before any body says anything im not the sort of person to hate the disabilty for no reason but im getting desperate. Please help.

I want to know the name of this phobia.
by: Anonymous

I've been afraid of Mentally retarded people since I was about 10, I'm now a sophomore in high school. I don't know what to think of them. I know it isn't their fault, but I just get all clammy and shaken up when I'm around them. My health class has about 5 of them in that class, too. And just listening to them talk makes me lock up. I know it may seem rude, and I honestly don't mean it. But I can't help it. I know that just because the one was like that when I was little doesn't mean that they're all like that, but I still get nightmares to this day. I don't want to go and get my classes changed either, because that would make me look like the little bitch that couldn't deal with them. Any help? :(

me too it sucks
by: Robin

whenever i go to school there are MENTALY RETARTED kids
42/567 of them are retarted i shreak i cant go to the bathroom when thir their cuz i can take it my friend BREYTEN has this too aame with my friend GRANT i kidove screm i dont eat i know ill be in trouble if i tell the teachers they will think im jokeing and give me f***in detentoin

by: Anonymous

I have just come across this website and think it is a great place for free expression. I do not suffer from the phobia described however I would like to make a comment that I think the use of the term 'mentally retarded' is out dated, offence and ambigious. I believe the correct terminology for the group of people you are describing is either mentally unwell, intellectually or physically disabled. I think people who have made comments on this page are probably suffering from a genuine phobia and this provides a great space to express such phobia, however I think it is very important to maintain respect.

Me Too.
by: Anonymous

I have black hair and the mental boy in my grade is attracted to the color. So at lunch he pulls me to sit by him and I ignore him put he keeps tapping me. I always run to the bathroom and when I come back he's gone.

extreme fear
by: Anonymous

our 9 year old son has an extreme fear of mentally handicapped people, it has gotten so bad that he gets panic attacks when we go out, we have been working with him on this fear with a professional, but making little progress, any ideas? does anyone know a professional anywhere in the world that deals with this phobia. HELP.

Well. . . .
by: Anonymous

When i see mentally challenged people the freak me out? I can sit i a class room with them but when the throw a fit a scream and freak out it looks like there gonna kill someone! But im not afraid to say hi or anything but i just dont wanna be attacked? And i am also afraid of having a retarded child idk if i could put up with it? i feel so bad sometimes but i cant help it the freak my out sometimes?
thanks for listening : )

They scare this piss out of me!!
by: Anonymous

First of all I'd like to put it out there that if a mentally retarded person can talk and have a coherent conversation I'm totally fine, it's just the ones that have no control that terrify me.

What I don't understand is, why put them in public schools!?!
So what if they deserve the sane schooling as everyone else, that shouldn't come at the price of a normal persons comfort! They offer nothing to society, so what's the point?

The worst part is at my school the retard handlers (don't kid yourself, that's what they are) do nothing to stop their rampages! It disgusts me, and don't feel shame about being afraid people, were evolutionally programmer to be.

The scariest part is they have no consequences for anything they do. Sone retard could rape the queen and he'd probably get a medal for it!

Terrified of retards
by: Anonymous

There are no words for how relieved I am to find other people with this phobia. I've never told anyone about it, for fear that they would think me nasty or insensitive, but I have a serious problem with this.

I am extremely pretty. Please don't think me vain for saying it, because, well, I'm not. I'm extremely pretty, and I have a bad problem with people who keep getting crushes on me and harassing me sexually and emotionally, and, in particular, retarded people with no concept of personal boundaries who keep trying to be my 'friend'. Gods forgive me for saying this, but they disturb me and disgust me, and I wish they would all go die. I can't get them to leave me alone, because I'm so afraid of them I just automatically try to be polite and hope they go away. They scare me so much I start to shake and breathe funny when I think about it, and to be honest, just writing this has gotten my adrenaline running and my teeth chattering. If anybody knew, they would absolutely condemn me. Today I went to my principal's office to meet with him an discuss the coming school year, and he has an enormous collection of books, and one of them was on the shelf entitled "Obsessive Love". I didn't pick it up or ask him about it or anything, but those two words have had me suffering an anxiety attack all day. Please, somebody, tell me I'm normal. Tell me I'm not evil. Tell me I'm -right-.

Sick to my stomach
by: Anonymous

Wow. I'm so happy I'm not alone with this. I feel TERRIBLE that I have this phobia. It happens when I see a little person, (midget, severerly mentally handicapped people and down's sydrome sufferers. I had a cousin who was down's syndrome and I literally used to freak out around him when I was little.
When I come across one of the above mentioned people I break out in a cold sweat, heart beats really fast and I often end up feeling nauseated. Forget eating around them.
It's a terrible phobia. I feel awful that I'm this aversed to them it causes this reaction. I've tried to control it but I just can't seem to get it together.
I came here with the hopes that other people felt it too....

So glad to know I can anonymously open up!
by: Anonymous

So, I had an mentally disabled boy in my physical education class during my sophomore year of high school. I'm naturally nice and like to stay kind of content in school, and I'm certainly not what you'd consider popular. I also feel like this makes me more approachable. Well we would be in the fitness center at our school and he would awkwardly stare at me for the whole class. He just made these scary faces towards me (which I know he probably couldn't help) and it almost made me want to cry. The reason being that I've seen movies in my middle school years and high school years that involved mentally disabled people that would inappropriately go "too far" when they were around a woman they were attracted to. I'm just so afraid that'll happen to me someday. I don't even want to open up about this to my friends because I know instantly they'll think I'm a insensitive jerk, but this really scares me):

omfg im deathly afraid
by: Anonymous

im REALLY afraid of them. every1 thinks im just being mean but im sooo scared of them the other day at the movies one came up to me and tried to say hi but it was like a mumble and i started screaming a burst into tears

I'm scared too!
by: Anonymous

I've always gotten the chills around mentally retarded people. But, today I went to a party and the neighbor's son was down syndrome, and he came up and started shouting at me when I didn't even do anything! He hugged me and I just backed away. He kept trying to kiss everyone, and didn't understand that he should keep his hands to himself. He kept hitting my friend's little sister who is only 4 or 5. She was just walking around. Then he pushed down my friend's little brother who is 8. He was just walking, then all of sudden he get's pushed down! I feel bad being scared of them, but I just start turning all cold and feel like I'm in danger. I feel like I have to run away. I know this is terrible, but I can't help it. :(

thank god other people are too!
by: Anonymous

i really dont want to be mean and i really dont wanna hurt anyones feelings but i am terrified of them...i was attacked by one when i was younger and now when im around them i freeze and panic its instant fight or flight. keep in mind im senior boy in highschool but if they start making loud noises or yell around me i panic and have actually had to leave the room in tears due to a panic attack...i hate to be mean but its just my fear same as some people are scared of clowns

Someone help me please!
by: Anonymous

I'm a girl in my twenties and I attend a junior college. I don't have a car or a license, so I ride the county bus to school. It seems no matter what time of day it is, and what number bus I take, there are always mentally disable people that will ride the same bus. If they would just leave me alone, I wouldn't have a problem. But they are either at the bus stop when I walk up, or get on the bus after I have. They always flock to me like moth to a flame. They see me coming and they walk towards me and get within inches of my face and tell me I'm beautiful and they ask me out. Yesterday was the worst because I boarded the bus and sat at the very back and put my backpack next to me. I took out a packet of gum to take a piece when I saw a mentally disabled guy get on the bus, and he locked his gaze on me and walked over all the way to the end of the bus where I was, and stood there waiting. He asked for a piece of gum and I gave him one, then he proceeded to sit down where I had placed by backpack. I moved my backpack and put it on my lap. He was within inches from me and spoke to me the entire way. He was African American. His facial features resembled more than just autism characteristics. He had a jaw that was set forward with his extremely large teeth that weren't covered by his lips. He talked very slow and spat all over my bag. He told me I was beautiful and asked me twenty questions about whether or not I had a boyfriend, where I lived and with whom, if my boyfriend was a big guy or not and if he would get mad if he and I could be friends. He told me he wanted to date me. Then told me he wanted to be a rapper like 50 Cent. He was invading my personal space and made me very uncomfortable. I have an easy going personality and I get along with everyone. I don't have the heart to tell someone like him to leave me alone, or to move away myself. It's because of my manners and perhaps also because I don't know how they would react. The strange thing is, I never get hit on by normal guys, but mentally disabled people hit on me constantly and it's really starting to get to me. I just want to be left alone. I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I spoke to my boyfriend about it, and he just laughed. He doesn't understand that I don't want to run into them. I'm not the type to get rude and or lose my appetite because I see them, like some people say. I only get upset when they get so close to me and want to get too personal. Please, if anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

OMG me too.
by: Anonymous

I really hate to be mean but I am quite scared of them. Like some people said before they are quite unpredictable but the only reason I'm scared of them is because I once had a bad experience with one. I know I shouldn't generalize and it's mean but I can't help it. :( I was at this party, and there was one child with down syndrome who randomly cornered me and started hitting on me. i mean big time. it was so uncomfartable. he wouldn't let me pass move unless i gave him a kiss. he almost ended up touching me and physically hurting me (he was actually quite strong) if it wasn't until his mother came and put an end to things. since then, i have been very uncomfortable around such kids, mainly boys. especially if they look at me, i just look away quickly because i don't know what to do or think :(

me too
by: Anonymous

I can't find anything on this phobia, but I know I have it. Whenever a disabled person is around, I tense up and look away. When I went to the movies with my best friend, a mentally disabled person was in there too. She started yelling and I was on the verge of tears. I was so frightened I couldn't focus on the movie. Once she stopped yelling, I was fine. The thought of volunteering at school with these people makes me want to huddle in a ball and cry my eyes out. I have no idea why I have this fear, but I want to know how to cure it.

by: Anonymous

Me too! I really don't want to be mean, I mean it's not their fault, but one time, I was at the market, and a mentally retarded man started waving and blowing kisses to my sister. I am still really scared of him, but don't have a hard time at school around the special ed kids.

smh I LOVE MENTaLLy retarded ppl

i work with mentally retarded people n after reading these post i was in tears a lot of people do this to them they are just like the rest of us they have feeling and they are caring loving people i would rather live with them before i live with some of you regular ppl if u got 2 know someone like this are had a family member like them how would u feel treat them how u would want 2 be treated !!! I will pray for your !! because u never know if u will have kids like that are family members Smh

Holy Crap.
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one too. I've always attracted them too, but I have brown hair, so I don't know if its the blonde thing that attracts them or what. I work with a mentally challenged guy, and I feel bad but I cannot be in the same room as him, otherwise I have a panic attack. Worst feeling ever.

It's hard but try talking to one
by: Anonymous

I used to be scared of mentally retarded people to I was afraid of them up till about 3rd grade when I met this one girl who had down syndrome and at first I was TERRIFIED of her and did pretty much anything to avoid her but one day i was in class and her helper asked me if i could take her to the special eds classroom so of course I said yes but inside I was panicking like OH CRUD WHY ME?! As we were walking she was smiling at me and she did something really funny I cant remember that made me laugh and I don't know how but slowly I became friends with her and now we're really good friends and people saw me being nice to her so they started being nice to her instead of avoiding her and now I'm even thinking of becoming a special eds teacher I know it's scary but try talking to one

Me too.
by: Anonymous

I definitely hate this. What is the worst, is that people mistake my fear for hatred. I don't hate them, hell I am sure that they are great people, but I can't hold it together. The way they look and sound. Even if I think about it for too long I feel like I need to take a shower. I work for an amusement park, and I have to take tickets. I keep a pocket full of hand sanitizing wipes to clean myself after I have to touch them.
I start sweating, hyperventalating, shaking. . . it is very embarassing.

Has anyone found the scientific name for this phobia?

I am terrified
by: Anonymous

There are two retarded girls at my school i am terrified of them i know there not going to hurt me but i am afraid of them in the same way a claustrophobic i probably didnt spell that right is afraid of cramped spaces one sat down next to me at lunch an all my friends looked at me know ing how i feel and they told me i could move to the other side of the table but that was still to close so i stayed there and stared at the table so i wouldnt look like an ass i stayed for 20 miniutes and then left with my friends to the library but she followed me she sat behind me i went back to class and have been shakeing and clamey and sweaty for an hour i am in class right now. Right across from the sped room an both girls are in there aaaghhh! And its not just them its all retarded people i actually have nightmares and thats not the worst part my mom knows how i feel but she is a teacher for intensive special needs and insists on ralking to me about her job and invites the kids she works with over with there familys in the summer to use our pool and house i am in hell!!!!

So GlAd I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

Thank god I found this website. I am a very mature thirteen year old and I have an extreme fear of the mentally challenged. I can't handle being around them. I see them in the mall, at smoothie shops, and at church! I don't want to be rude, but I'm am just so afraid.

um yeah.
by: uhhmanduhh

omg, i really thought i was just being a huge bitch. but obviously im not alone. me & my boyfriend live with his parents bcus they are both disabled not mentally, but physically. but my bfs uncle is mentally retarded and he freaks me out. he follows me all over the house when im there all alone trying to have convos with me and i just completely ignore him. i cant stand looking at him while i eat becus food just runs outta his mouth, i feel bad. but i really dont know how to help it. he always comes in our room when we are gone an goes through our stuff. it drives me nuts, i dont want to be mean to him bcus i feel like its not my place, but he creeps me out! plus im in charge of cleaning the house and its like he goes around behind me and trashes everything just to spite me, im about to have a mental breakdown. luckily we are moving out soon, bcus i found out im having a baby. :) and i dnt want my bfs uncle trying to hold my child.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, I am terrified of them. At my school, there are two disabled girls and I am constantly looking around for them, being extremely paranoid. When ever I walk down the stairs and see one coming up, I freeze and feel sick and like I have to get out of there. I really don't want to be mean, but it's because I was once scared as a little kid when a man with a disability started throwing things around and screaming and I got really scared. I used to be able to talk to a girl at my old school who had it, but now I am always trying to stay out of their way. I really hate this fear, because I don't want to be mean :(

Cant eat around them
by: Anonymous

My wife thinks im crazy when we go out it seems every where i go i see some one with an illness or some kind of problem and i cant eat around them or if i think about some one with illness i cant eat nothing total loss of apetite i literally was at the dinner table five minutes ago and had to get up and come to my computer and see if there is any body else with my problem it has gotten worse. i sometime's think god is testing me or something because everywhere i go to eat i run into people with mental issues, i need to figure this out on how to draw a blank wall when i run into this situation or see a shrink i dont know but it is terrible thing to deal with.

i fear them too
by: Anonymous

i too fear them, i dont know why, but i geuss they are so unpredictable and freaken strong that if one gets you he's going to get you good. Im a guy and it seems that every mentally challenged person is after me

thank god im not alone.
by: Anonymous

I wanted to find out if my fear is warranted so I'm really glad I'm not the only person w this fear. It's a REAL fear. And it IS socially unacceptable. I've only told a few people and mostly they think I'm an A-hole. I have a one yr old daughter and my friend babysits for me and last might she said that there would be a mentally challenged 24 yr old living there. I am trying so hard to get over this fear but I'm so scared. When its kust me w one I panic. The thought of my baby being touched or hurt i mean some of them have rage issues and they have SUPER HUMAN strength ppl!! My boyfriend is offended bc he has a family member like that and i cant make him undersyand its like if u had a fear of clowns would you wanna leave ur baby w one?? Plus I saw his fam member Chase ppl w butcher knives.. this is not totally irrational. I feel terrible but what am I supposed to do? It's not like I'm trying to be mean I'm just scared.

Freaked out! :/
by: Anonymous

I'm a student in high school and I never really had problems with special ed kids because i never came into contact with them. But since i started high school, i've developed a phobia of i'm scared to walk down the hall, in fear of one of them stopping me. I hate it whwn they just come up and start tugging at your shirt or tap you and ask you a question when you don't know them! I don't want to be mean be they scare the living daylights out of me! And it CERTAINLY does not help when teachers tell them to talk to people so they can "make friends". Honestly, I cannot te you how glad i am to find out that im not the only one.
Btw, to one of the previous comments, I also feel like I completely attract them and they keep coming on to me and I also have, not completely blonde, but light coloured hair. I'm not sure if thats the reason though...

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am also afraid of retarded people. I have a mini panic attack. Shortness of breath, I get hot all over and feel like I need to run. No way to explain it.

It irritates me when people are offended by it. Like I LIKE being afraid of someone who can't help their disability.

I Am Afraid of Them Too ..
by: Anonymous

I have a strange fear for them to the point where i dont know what to do with my self. depending on their condition i have different reactions. like i dont want them to be near me or come after me if there drooling and out of control. i get real red in the face and start to get hot when they come around me.. i guess because i dont know how to react to get away from them with out being mean. sometimes i start to speed walk away when i feel like they are about to approach me. and for some reason they always come after me and i dont know why. nd when they talk to me im like okay as i slowly try to escape from them ... ive even gotten chased before nd i almost started crying -__- . but i found the fear , its called ARRHENPHOBIA

glad i'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I am much relieved to find out i'm not the only one. The person who said they were afraid of drunk people too really put it in perspective for me. I think what I am actually afraid of is people who do not understand or abide by the rules of personal space. At least with drunk people it is acceptable to run from someone who is in your space, or to tell them flat out, " get out of my space" but with a " developementally challenged person ( that is the new politically correct term) we are not supposed to react in that way. So it's a double edged sword. Not only is it a fear of people who don't respect my personal space, but also fear of not being able to protect myself.

i was attacked
by: Anonymous j

in the fourth grade i had some problems with another student the person seemed normal but later i found out he was autistic i knew he hung out with the kids in special ed but i didnt know why. one day in on the basketball court a bunch of people were playing a game and he was one of them he started to travel and alot of people called it usually the person accepts it but he did not during an argument i called him a retard this started problems because a little later him and two other of his retarded friends started atacking me inthe bathroom and everytime i see one today i just have a feeling im about to be attacked so i generally get scared when im around them. does anyone kno what his phobia is called?

from a Former Special Olympics Coach
by: It's a phobia

What I believe you people are suffering from is nothing other than a regular, good old fashioned phobia, not unlike fear of spiders, snakes, heights, etc.

I recommend facing your fear.
Maybe sit in and watch a special olympics competition or training event...

Force yourself to go up and talk to one...


Feel terrible too.
by: Abdi

Im a Junior in high school and I, too are terrified of mentally disabled people. Once when I was 10, I was at a Christmas party with my parents and faked that I was sick so that we would leave, simply because there was a mentally retarded man at the same party. After taking a Psychology class last year, I thought it would help my phobia, but it only made it worse. We would watch videos about how retarded people could or unknowingly access parts of the brain that able-minded people couldnt. With my fear I took it way out of hand, meaning they knew or could like read our minds or sense things I couldnt. I feel like they are aliens and not humans. When I pass the special classes in the hallway I have to hold my breath to keep from getting any "bad air" that they had breathed. I freak out like have panic attacks when I feel like they are going to touch me or talk to me. I feel really bad saying all of this and I cant tell many people because theyll think Im being intolerant or an asshole about it, but in all reality I cannot help it!

by: Anonymous

im in junior high school and im afraid of mentally ill people too! ever since ive been in kindergarten, ive been afraid of them. when i see one at lunch it makes me sick, i lose my appetite and am soooooo close to puking! also im afraid of them touching me or getting even 30 feet towards me! i dont want to tell anyone because im afraid theyll take it offensive

me too.
by: Anonymous

i'm 16 and i still haven't gotten over my fear of retarded people.
i had a dream last night that there was a retarded person that would come out of our woods and try to bite our animals that we have living here. we tried to tell him to leave but he didn't understand and kept coming back. we tried asking around to find out what we should do and people just told us to try to be understanding. and then we finally did get him to leave and not come back through some sort of court order and then my whole town started hating us and being total jerks because we "weren't accepting and understanding".
obviously, this dream came from a long term fear of mentally retarded people. my main fears with them is that they seem so unpredictable. and (like in my dream) i'm worried that if a retarded person does do something to my family or i, i'd just be told to "try to be understanding". these (unrealistic, i'm sure)notions are terrifying.

I'm with you guys
by: Cal

I've tried to explain it to people and nobody really believes it, they just think I'm being a bastard.


I'm 6ft4 and can take care of myself, I have even been a night club bouncer but I just can't handle them.

One of our regulars was disabled where I was working and even though everyone else liked him, I couldn't stand being around him or his friend who sometimes came with him (also disabled). I do have to say that in the company of a lot of drunk people he didn't seem as bad but I still would rather he'd not been there.

I also have trouble eating with them in my line of sight.

I think it comes from past human societies and animals where the mentally retarded would have perished because they could not survive on their own and now modern medicine allows them to hang around when they normally would not exist.

Evolutionarily speaking we have been trained not to accept them, and I honestly don't think I can ever get past that.

I'm afraid as well
by: Anonymous

You are not alone. I am deathly afraid of retarded people. I dont want to touch them, look at them, talk to them, or even walk by them in the hall. They frighten me to the point here im left standing in the hall hyperventilating. My english teacher insists on being "friends " with them and having parties with them. I always hang around my friends sweating and pale. One of them bit my best friend hard on her arm. I detest any kind of retarded or mentally retarded or inhibited child.

you're not the only one
by: Anonymous

i feel like they might attack me. i've come close to tears once. glad to know i'm not the only one.

by: ryano

I usually do not get in contact with retarded people, but once I was at my locker and someone tapped and tugged at my shoulder. I didnt turn around immedeatly, but when I did I saw it was a girl whos face was misproportional and I started thinking "Oh no" I had to get out of there.

Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I always wondered if I was alone with this. I could never find a name for it but I am severely afraid of mentally handicapped people. I get panic attacks and almost cry if I am around one. I think the fear came from when I was really young and went to the circus. There was a group of mentally handicapped people sitting in the front row and one of them grabbed me when I was walking by. I am so afraid that I will someday have a child who is mentally handicapped and I cannot get over this fear.

Mental Retardation Hypochondriac
by: Scara

I, too, have long suffered from a fear of the mentally retarded. A few of you have mentioned a tendency to attract such people, and I sympathize. I've had the same problem for most of my life, largely because I'm naturally kind, sweet and soft-spoken. Many of them seem to interpret this as non-judgmental, non-threatening, or otherwise "accessible," so I'm often approached.
I also believe some of my phobia might be attributed to a sort of "Mental Retasrdation Hypochondria." Despite having been in gifted and honors classes throughout my education, and having completed a Summa cum Laude B.A., I have a fear which refuses to leave. It nags incessently,hinting that I may have attracted retards all this time due to BEING retarded -- having an undiscovered chromasomal abnormality, or something of the sort.
In the eighth grade "retarded," and repeated the comment in front of her girl scout troupe. I was the only one who took it seriously. This comment ruined my life, and mental health for several years.

Glad to know I'm not alone, and sorry for the rant,


I feel terrible...
by: Anonymous

I'm a 13 year old girl who takes gifted classes at my school. We are working with the disabled children. The problem is, I'm kinda scared of them. I feel terrible about it, and all my life, I've tried to accept everyone the way they are and not to judge, and so far, I've succeed, accept on this subject. When I'm in the room with one, let alone the whole class, my muscles tense up and I just have to get out of there. I don't know why I'm scared, and my guilt only gets worse when I see my friends talking and smiling with them. What's wrong with me?
I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one.

U r not alone.
by: Carly

I get really bad panic attacks. My friend makes fun of me, but I dont think its funny at all. I was at a "mental hospital" for depression a month or so ago. During the day we would have to do classes, and they would mix everyone from each unit together. I was constantly at the infirmary asking for my Xanax. If I didnt have that Xanax in me, I could not do the classes. I feel like such an xxxhole about it, and if I could change it I would. They are people too.

I felt so mean!!
by: Bekah

I was wondering the same thing! I'm not so much afraid of them as I just don't know how to act around them. When one comes in the room I just feel so awkward and want to find the nearest exit before they come to talk to me or hug me or something. I get nervous and scared. I feel so bad but it's just how I feel. Glad to hear I'm not all alone! =)

by: Cat

I'm afraid of them too.

I am terrified.
by: Anonymous

Today my Aunt(who works with retarded people) brought one of her kids to my grandma house and I almost had a heart attack. When a person like that get close to me, I get so scared that I have no choice but to swing on them. Somebody please help me out.

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear, i saw a crowd of them in walmart and had a panic attack. i can't help how it makes me feel. i'm not a bad person and i even have an uncle who is mentally retarded, i feel bad cause i can't even talk to him on the phone.

Terrified of retarded people, and with good reason.
by: Anonymous

I must admit i thought i was the only one too. My fear started when i was a kid, a retared man tried jumping on my back. The helper couldn't control him. It was terrifing to me. Since then i feel like i get singled out, they will do anything to get closer to me, and only me. I can be with a group of people and they will come after me (sometimes agressively) and try to touch or talk to me. This has been going on for over 20 years now. The only thing that we think it can be is that i have naturally blonde hair and we think it draws them. Has anyone else had similar problems and if so do you also have blonde hair. I guess i would love to know why they come after me.

me too, i catch so much shit for it
by: Anonymous

I get uncontrollably shaky and light headed when any come near me and i cant eat anything when i have the though of them in my sights or mind for that matter. Maybe its cruel but i cant help how i feel.

Me too but my reaction is strange
by: Anonymous

I think I have the same thing, but my reation is even stranger than the fear. I get uncontrollable giggles, and not because i am laughing at anything funny, I just immediately start to giggle. I feel horrible when this happens and try to avoid any interaction. Is this an actual fear or am I losing my mind?

I thought it was only me
by: J.P

I am terrified of them , they freak me out bad thsi fear goes back to my childhood I believe. I don't care if I sound mean or not they disgust me, I feel sick when i see one its really horrible, especially down syndrome or other types.

i am too!
by: Anonymous

i'm afraid of them too.
there's a mentally challenged kid at my school and he hangs around the football team and stuff because the coaches are real nice, but he always trys to touch us, and he's always talkign about eating us and stuff, he scares me, but i feel so bad, and when i tell people they think i'm trying to be mean or funny, but i'm not:[

Same here
by: Anonymous

Omg I thought it was just me. I don't know what it is it's not that I shake or get all nuts about of cuz that rarely happens but my stomach hurts when I see them or are near them I feel so bad because I think to myself what an asshol I am it's not there fault but I'm gravely disturbed by (I don't k ow the medical term ) the mentally challenge who all look alike.

by: khaliqa

im afraid of them too. they freak me out and i feel so bad for it.

me too
by: Anonymous

yes, i am also afraid of mentaly retarded people
there are some members of my family that are mentally retarded, and its hard for me to go close to them
i don't like seeing them in malls
and my dentist sometimes has them in the waiting room and sometimes they come over and talk to me and it REALLLLY freaks me out
thank goodness i'm not the only one who is afraid of them

i thought i was all aloneee!
by: lexi . . . <3

oh my gosh. i thought i was the onlly one . everybody thinks i am being mean . but i am deadly afraid. today did it for me.

i have always thought i had a problem . so i finally decided to see if its a real phobia. im not sure if you just made that name up or if yu found it.

yu can email mee.

xoflyxmamacitaox at

Same here
by: Lindsay

I have this phobia too. I don't know why.. I think it's linked to my fear of drunk people. I know it sounds mean but I find them similar. I can't a word for it either.

by: Jsouille.

I have this fear too, don't worry you're not the only one. I also have about the same reaction, and I feel bad because people just think I do it to be mean, but I actually am afraid of them.

Thank God it's not just me.
by: Cody

I am terrified of mentally retarded people. It's probably one of the most socially unacceptable fears ever, too. I've only told a few people about it and they either laugh or think I just have some kind of "problem" with mentally retarded people. Yeah, I do; THEY SCARE ME TO DEATH! Sweet and Sour Jesus, but they do.

me toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I am afaid of them too. i turn all pale and start shaking..

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