I am afraid of love deceptions and conflicts

by Raúl
(Puerto Rico)

Hello,my name is Raúl. My problem is that I am extremely and seriously afraid of love deceptions,because I had a "girlfriend",everything was O.K.,even if she wrote me a letter she loved me only as a friend,she did not wanted me to undergo a biggest disheartening.

Then, she acussed me of dumping her,so,I asked for forgiveness because I lost the judgement,and was a fat chance.

Then,another problem.When I meet a woman,I do not ask if she has a boyfriend because I am scared sh-tless she will tell me she has a boyfriend,jealous or whatever,or worse,she is married and will reject me because of those situations.

So,as a consecuence,I do not go to parties because I am extremely afraid women will dump me and tell me they are married or have a boyfriend,even though I respect'em from the beginning thru end.

So,I feel extremely,deathly and seriously embarrased when women justify or not the rejection.Or worse,they would cheat on me and I do not ever tolerate the infidelity nor treason of any kind or justification.

So,I hate women that unwarrantedly abuse verbally or psychologically to men.

As a consecuence,due the fact I do not go to parties,I want to be forever alone until the end of my life,because I am afraid any woman will not love the way I am.

So I feel deathly embarrassed and scared sh-tless of love deceptions or conflicts,or I would call it "acute philatychiphobia".

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