I am afraid of exaggerated objects

I am 14 and I've been developing this fear of "exaggerated objects" that are almost normal, but slightly off. It used to only be with clowns and puppets, but now certain yoga positions or even pillows make me feel uneasy and I get really grossed out. It started getting worse when my brother did this weird thing with his neck and it scared me so much that I had to hide under a blanket. It's so bad now that even big noses or chins make me feel weird. Its a really weird phobia and I have never met anyone else with that fear. I am not at all afraid of human or animal deformities, just when things are almost perfect but way off, if that makes sense. I was doing gymnastic stretches the other day and my knee scared me so much and it started getting more creepy and distorted the more I looked at it. I don't tell people, mostly because its so hard to explain. I'm not scared of blood and gore or anything like that, I can even look at disgusting wounds and not even flinch, but when it comes to a ventriloquist puppet or a weirdly long shoe I just can't take it.

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