i am absolutely terrified of clustered holes. Trypophobia

by Camryn
(Granite Falls, WA)

ah yes, clustered holes. Where to begin. Well, I had discovered my fear at the age of 12, now that I'm 14 I am taking interest in what it is. I could've sworn something was wrong with me. I thought to myself "how pathetic, afraid of holes" but it turns out, im not alone in this little adventure. My phobia is called Typophobia, fear of clustered holes. Take a lotus seed head for example, (my absolute worst fear) just saying the word makes me tremble. My fear often causes panic attacks, sometimes in the middle of class. I often see photo shops of lotus seed heads on various areas of the body, making me want to jab out my eyes right in the spot. I am looking forward to over coming this phobia, as I normally see clustered holes on a daily basis.

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