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oh my gosh!!!exactly the same!!!
by: Cherry

reading your phobia is like reading mine...

we undergo exactly the same thing...

interpreting every slight symptom as cancer or heart attack or gastritis...and i firmly believe i'm going to die because of that...although deep within i know i'm nothing wrong...

i'll google every symptom as well!!!!!and you know...all the symptoms of cancers are not that means every symptom can lead to some kind of cancer in some know...there is always a way for me to conclude that my symptom IS a sign of cancer and i'll not stop my searching until somebody answers"oh it's cancer"...

but now i'm getting better...ever since i found this website knowing there are others sharing the same's like suddenly my intense fear is diffused and diluted lol~~~

i can lead a bright life now~~~

by: Anonymous

My nan got diagnosed with lung cancer after a year of being fobbed off with a bad back by then it was terminal and she died. I have always had an anxiety issue and I started a job that I hated and everyone hated me. I started having random breathlessness which escalated and I ended up in a+e they say its anxiety but I have pain and tight chest light head and weakness I think I am dying but I don't want medication. My boyfriend is stressed with me cause I am constantly moaning about a lump in my throat and I can't breathe. I am going to see the xfactor tour in february how can I do it? I need help soon

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