by Morayne

First and for most I'm pleased to know that I wasnt making this up and now I have a name for it. My story is not as tragic as being scolded by a hot kettle, as my cosin was, I bet she had some fears in her day. My phobia started about 2 years ago when I spilled fresh nice and hot 220 degree coffee on a lawyer very dramatic to say the least. We'll I just so happened to spill it on his $700 suit, probably Armani who knows. We'll my company had to pay for his dry cleaning, no big pocket expense. Until the day he walked in and told my ,very scary bosses that the stain would not come out and it would need to be replaced. So to my dismay my company and scary bosses had to dish over $ 700. Hopefully he chose a new suit that was not as hidious as the one he was wearing at the time of his scolding.Now if you truly have this phobia don't become a barista by trade, as I have done. I serve hot coffee all day 5 days a week with constant anxiety, maybe I should just get my head checked. However whenever I carry hot liquids at work my hands begin to shake, my heart races, sweaty palms, complete fight or flight reaction. My co workers think I'm crazy but now I can show them I'm actually not, but somehow I think they might find me even more crazy. None the less it's liberating to know I'm only one of only one other person I have googled that has this phobia. There's got to be more. Share your story and try to make me less crazy to make yourself feel less crazy. On a side note I don't just discrigate against coffee, tea and soup you scare me. Stay safe out there fellow hygrotherphobians. Remember when carring hot liquids two hands don't take any chances.

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