by Asiya
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I am a mother of 3 children and have passed my 14 years of marriage life but now a days and from last so many years I always feel that I did'nt wash my hands and if i go to bath I take bath for about 2 hours till my husband interfere.

I always feel I am not pak (Pure). I am a muslim woman and I love to offer my prayers on time, but I cannot do it because I feel that i am not offering right prayers, I usually forget that I have read my verses, sometime on repeatation I repeat many times a single word until unless if someone or my husband give me a push to go forward.

I am so depressed and there are little family problems but now a days this is such a big problem as wife when my husband touches me i take bath so long to be pak (pure) as I was. What to do.

I have gone through with a psychiartist but there were no result but the condition was quite better or had become better than of todays. Do I need counseling or need medicines also.

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