Do You Suffer From Hydrophobia?

Hydrophobia is the second name for fear of water or swimming. This condition of fear is not there always. It only affects your brain when you stand facing a source of water, like a pond, river or sea. However, a mere sight of water in a glass, jug or tub does not make you feel apprehensive and nervous.

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Aquaphobia or hydrophobia can ruin your normal existence. You may feel so afraid that the situation goes out of your control and you start behaving insane. Some victims of aquaphobia do not even prefer to take baths in a bathtub.

However, what is most unfortunate about this condition is that the victim knows that there is nothing to be afraid of the water in oceans, lakes, rivers and creeks but he still cannot overcome the feeling. For him it seems it is all there in the water, which can cause his death.

A victim of hydrophobia avoids activities like swimming and boating. At home, some are even afraid to go near showers and bathtubs.

Experiences and biological factors – both are equally responsible for a condition of aquaphobia. You can become hydrophobic if you see someone drowning or it may also be caused due to an “instinctive reaction” to water or to a source of water.

Common symptoms of hydrophobia

  • You sweat a lot

  • You find it difficult to utter words or make use of your logic

  • You don’t know what you are doing – you tend to lose your rational sense

  • Your mouth dries and you start shaking like anything

  • As you feel suffocated, you can’t breathe

  • Your heart beats faster and faster and you feel as if you are nearing death

  • You are afraid to face reality and you experience full-scale anxiety attacks

How can you develop hydrophobia?
Auditory Modality Origin – When you read, hear or talk about an accident caused due to water you can have the phobia

Subconscious Learning – This happens through early or childhood experiences and also due to dreams, secondary gains and positive intensions

Indirect Learning Experience – When you visualize an incident of drowning or water accident, say in a film or a movie, you can have hydrophobia

Direct Learning Experience – This happens when you experience the accident yourself. For example, you were about to get drowned when you went for a picnic with your friends at the riverside. After this, you cannot even stand the sight of a river, pond or any other source of water.

Treating hydrophobia with the help of self-help NLP techniques
By making the rightful use of NLP self-help procedures, aquaphobia or the fear of water can be permanently dissolved. Here you convince your mind that there is nothing to be afraid of water or a source of water.

With the help of self-help NLP techniques, you redesign and remodel your mental “constructs” and start attaching positive feelings to your thought process.

Thus, there can be nothing better than self-help NLP techniques in treating conditions of hydrophobia.

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