Humming Phobia

by Lizabeeth
(Toronto, Canada)

When I was 13 years old, I moved to Lewiston, Maine from New York. It was a big move but a good one. My new room was way bigger than my previous one and I saw myself spending a lot of time in there. The first month was great, but it soon became very strange. When i'd go to bed, and shut out my light, I would hear a faint humming. The humming would grow louder over time. I wasn't a scared child. I clicked on the lamp and walked over to my heater to examine it. "This is obviously where the noise is coming from..." I thought to myself. I shut off the heater and went back to bed. Soon, the humming started up again. I clicked on my light and it stopped. I sat up and looked around my room, searching for an excuse. We lived in a three floor apartment, but under us was an elderly couple who had lights out at 5:30, and above us was a widow who was never home. I decided to keep my light on because it seemed that was the only thing stopping the humming. I closed my eyes and it started up again. After two weeks of this, I grew paranoid! Every time I shut my eyes in that room, the humming began. "Whatever is causing this humming," I thought to myself. "Doesn't want me to get any sleep." One night I couldn't bare the repetitive humming so I yelled, "Stop humming!" The humming stopped. I never heard it after that, but to this day, 20 years later, I have the worst phobia against humming.

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