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How to cure phobia is indeed a million dollar question if you don’t know how.

Referred to as a first rate anxiety disorder, the condition can reach to fatal heights if untreated and neglected for a considerable period.

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A phobic individual sweats a lot, he may experience an increased heart rate, he may find it difficult to respire and he may at times develop a tendency to run away or escape situations.

Some may even feel that their life is at stake.

Such apprehensive conditions are definitely in need of a suitable medication and this encourages individuals look for ways of how to cure phobia.

Therapies for phobia that doesn’t work or do work slowly

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT
You might think Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is an obvious way of how to cure phobia. In the initial part of the therapy, the victim is made to realize his inherent negative pattern of thought.

Once the realization is over, the individual tries to find out ways of how he can bring about a change in his negative thought pattern and try to be more optimistic in life.

CBT and desensitization can be successful in suppressing and eliminating conditions of depressive disorder.

However, the disadvantage of this therapy is that it takes too long to cure the condition, which can often make the patient feel impatient and restless.

Exposure Therapy
This specific therapy deals not with your thoughts but with your behavior. First, the individual is made to confront his state of fear and then he is suggested several ways and measures of how to cure phobia.

At the time when you are exposed to the feared object or situation, you are trained how to endure an increased rate of anxiety disorder. Just a period of thirty minutes exasperation and you will see how the level of anxiety and fear falls.

Giving the victim a chance to control extreme emotional heights the amount of exposure is slowly and gradually augmented. This procedure involves immense fear and can even make the victim feel utterly uncomfortable.

Other therapies involved in the process of how to cure phobia

This is also known as supportive psychotherapy. In this therapy, the individual involves himself in talking with the counselor on how to lead an altered state of life in trying to face and combat fearful situations. Counseling, however involves less chances of curing the phobic condition as the effectiveness of the procedure entirely depends upon the efficacy of the counselor.

How to cure phobia with relaxation techniques
Several exercises are often suggested in curing conditions of anxiety and apprehension. This includes muscle relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. However, such procedures of how to cure phobia are not quite satisfactory and convincing at times.

How to cure phobia with medicines and drugs
Benzodiazepines are mostly recommended by physicians to take care of acute phobic conditions. Diazepam, also known as Valium, is one of the common ways of how to cure phobia, fear and anxiety disorder.

However, drugs won’t solve the problem. After all, medications can only suppress the symptoms, not treat the underlying disease.

Self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming
Self-help NLP is the most apt answer of how to cure phobia. You yourself can act to remodel your mental “constructs” by creating a balance between your mind and existence.

NLP uses the power of the imagination to reprogram your phobic reactions quickly, painlessly and long-lastingly. NLP techniques do not hurt, either physically or mentally. And NLP techniques have no side effects.

In a hunt to find a suitable reply to the query of how to cure phobia, the several fields of medication and therapy that have been discussed above, self-help NLP therapy is the most apt format for the proper elimination of several phobic conditions.

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