Do You Know How Many Phobias Are There?

Before trying to find an exact answer as to how many phobias are there, you must first make yourself aware of what exactly a phobic condition is. It is a form of fear, which storms your mind and shakes your confidence. You lack the courage to face specific situations in life.

Jan Heering

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Phobic individuals are so often inundated with anxiety that they start avoiding feared objects or situations.

In trying to analyze how many phobias are there, you must understand that phobia is broadly classified into three distinct groups and there are hundreds of specific identified phobia conditions under each group. This list grows everyday as the world of medical science improves and finds remedy.

Social Phobia
It is a sort of phobic condition in which you are afraid of being socially disgraced or mortified. You feel shy to meet new people; you hesitate to give a social speech and you may also feel uncomfortable to make social approaches.

Specific Phobia
Under this phobic condition, you may be afraid of small animals like snakes, spiders and lizards. You may also feel apprehensive about closed spaces or high altitudes. You avoid getting into lifts or boarding airplanes.

It is a sort of fear, which you may come across when you think that you may not be able to escape or avoid certain places or situations in life. This phobic condition is also referred to as fear of public places. When you suffer from agoraphobia, you start to panic and you are utterly bewildered about what you should do to overcome the sensation.

Now let us see how many phobias are there under the broad heading of agoraphobia

  • You are afraid to enter shops, crowds and public places
  • You avoid traveling in trains, buses and planes
  • You feel afraid to climb a bridge or enter a lift
  • You avoid going to places like cinema halls and restaurants where the exit is not so easily accessible

These are just the basics. There are more to add on to the list.

No matter how many phobias are there, the intensity of the phobic conditions vary from mild to moderate and the fear passes away.

In most cases, phobias are exceedingly invasive and can well upset the balance of normal life. Phobia can paralyze your normal functional capacity both at home and at workplace.

Among the groups, social phobia and agoraphobia come with more complexities. They are mostly caused due to hereditary and genetic factors, brain chemistry and a combination of other life experiences.

However, how intense or serious phobic conditions are and no matter how many phobias are there, NLP self help techniques do make it easy for you to take care of the condition and return to your normal life.

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