How I Got my Fear

by QueenofSnow

I always thought i was alone of being afraid of whales, I guess I was wrong. A couple years ago I was playing wii sports resort and I was doing the island flyover and I saw a couple boats surrounding an area. So I went over there and I saw one those symbol things you have to collect and all of a sudden a giant whale popped out of nowhere! I jumped so muched that I zoomed off and ever since then whenever I played island flyover I have never dared to go near a whale ever again! And worst of all if I ever play that island flyover game too much I would get nightmares for almost a week. But now after I've found out that I am not the only one scared of whales I feel happy because everybody I told looked at me with a weird face except for my two best friends they understand me. This is a true story

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