How I Found The Phobia Cure


Many of us have gone through quite a journey with each other, including sharing our Phobia stories. It’s time for one more story. Mine…

I want to share with you how I found the Phobia Cure. I’m going to tell you now that parts of this story are not easy to share. However, I feel you have a right to know. So here goes.

Ten years ago, my life was very different. I was working full shifts, both day and night as a manager in the plastics industry. I had 20 team members to manage and I had to keep production up.

It was a very draining position. It took all of my energy and focus. I was not happy with this job, but it was my job, none-the-less.

My wife at the time decided she wanted to start a fitness center. I not only thought it a great idea; but I also just wanted to support her although that meant more hours of work for me in addition to the already many hours of draining work I was enduring with my normal job.

You see, I had agreed to be the manager of her fitness center. To say that between the two grueling jobs I was overworked would be quite an understatement.

This is where the story gets worse. Once already into the deal on the fitness club and way too far into it, we found out we paid way too much for it. We had actually been scammed with false business forecasts.

Now our finances were negatively spiraling and we were helpless to do anything.

After working two full years of days, nights, and weekends, nothing was better. I woke up every day telling myself, “Today we are going to be bankrupt.”

The financial worries and pure exhaustion had finally taken their toll. I was depressed. Very deeply depressed and I saw no end in sight. I didn’t even want to get out bed. What was the point?

It was at this extremely miserable period of my life that a realization came upon me that completely changed my life. It was here that I realized in order to change my situation on the outside; I had to change myself on the inside.

That’s exactly what I did. I immediately went to work on myself. I bought tons of self-help books and was initiated into Reiki. I also started a coaching program with a mental coach.

A couple of months later we managed to sell the fitness club. Things were finally starting to look up. Well, financially things were starting to look up. But this is actually the worst part of the story.

Just a few short weeks of selling this fitness center, my wife left me for someone else. I was devastated. It was such a shock and deep pain that I can’t describe it.

After all I did and sacrificed for her, I couldn’t believe she would do this to me. I thought we were a team and in this together. How wrong I was.

This brought the depression back immensely, but this time it was much worse. I actually didn’t want to live anymore. The only thing I could do was cry. This was rock bottom and the pain was unbearable.

Thankfully a good friend interjected here and encouraged me to try something I had actually wanted to try for a couple of years but couldn’t due to lack of time and money.

I became involved in NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Practitioner training and even went on to train through a NLP Master Practitioner course.

Literally from that moment on, my life starting moving in a positive direction. The training forced me to work on myself. The work was having such a positive impact that I did it eagerly. I felt so much better.

And I still do! To this day, my life just keeps getting better and better. Sure there are bumps sometimes. That’s life. But nothing I can’t handle now.

I first started coaching my team members at the plastics plant. I was getting incredible, positive feedback from these guys. It was then I realized I was limiting my abilities to help.

There were so many more out there that I could help, beyond these 20 people that I actually felt compelled to do so. I felt (and still do) very passionate about helping as many people as possible. I had finally found my calling in life.

So I took a great step forward. Without much money at all, I quit my job and took a four month sabbatical to focus and inspire myself.

The sabbatical is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.

I did everything I could to eliminate any negatives in myself and break negative patterns. I also learned the art of intense concentration.

Under the guidance of famous Firewalk instructor Peggy Dylan, I’ve completed a 7-day Firewalk initiation training. Yes, I walked on fire with my bare feet.

To also break the bonds of inadequacy and fear, I’ve broken arrows and bend constructional iron (the type of iron used to build homes and other buildings) on my neck.

I’ve gone through whatever means necessary to be able to crystallize a sense of purpose and then learn the tools I need to be able to make it happen, including going through a 24 hr no speak period of deep mediation.

This allowed me to get a clear vision of my future and to draw from universal energies to make that future happen. It brought me to a personal mastery.

Immediately after the sabbatical, I wrote my business ideas and plan in just one day. My coaching and training institute, The Morpheus Institute, was born.

With the incredible techniques I learned for NLP, I focused on Phobia suffers and began to help as many as I could. I managed to help 20 to 30 Phobia suffers a week and I absolutely loved it.

However, this meant about 60 hours of work a week for me and the exhaustion was coming back. I knew that in order to keep helping others while not running myself down at the same time, my business plan needed to change.

I had to stop helping Phobia suffers for months in order to refresh myself and come up with a new game plan. So I started helping just a few Phobics a week at an 890 Euro fee (approximately $1250) per one hour session.

The program was so successful and so many were willing to pay the fee and make appointments, that I was actually turning people away because I couldn’t handle the workload.

That’s when I knew my business plan had to change again. I had reduced my workload but I was not reaching as many Phobia suffers as I wanted. My goal was to help as many Phobia suffers as I could but being that I was turning some away that was working against my goal.

With the success of The Morpheus Institute spreading like wildfire, I knew I had to be able to reach suffers across oceans as well.

With my mother language being Dutch, I knew I had to improve my English and set up a website for my English speaking sufferers.

I also knew I had to come up with a self-help plan that could be accessible to anyone, anywhere. That would be the only way I could reach as many Phobia sufferers as possible.

But there was a minor kink in my plan. The amazing NLP techniques I had mastered were not in workable form for self-help discovery.

So to fix this kink, I spent years tweaking and testing the techniques in order for them to be successfully executed on a self-help basis.

To date, I have helped several thousands of Phobia suffers from all over the World to completely rid themselves of their Phobias, through my successful self-help Phobia Release Program.

And I’m working day and night now to release a new and improved Phobia Release Program that will be even better.

During this time I also happily remarried. My wife and I are extremely happy and we have three lovely children together. My life has never been better.

I couldn’t be happier with my family or with my success at The Morpheus Institute.

The Morpheus Institute is highly successful and just keeps getting better. I’m not only able to effectively help Phobia suffers from all over the World, but I’m able to spend quality time with my family also.

I hope my sharing this story with you gives you more insight on the passion I have to help you overcome your Phobia. Living Phobia free is possible and I can successfully help you to do so.

All the best,

Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert

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